Self-Healing: Definition & Tips for Healing Yourself

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Self-heal with self-compassion

Self compassion can be a great tool for self healing. We might start by writing ourselves a letter where we say kind things to ourselves

Making sleep absolutely essential for self-healing

Self-heal by getting more sleep


by breathing deeper

Listen to soothing music

Calming music can help reduce stress and set the scene for greater self-healing.

Cut out unhealthy foods.

Unhealthy foods like hydrogenated oils, sugar, and caffeine put extra stress on your body and may prevent healing of all sorts.

Try gardening

Research suggests that gardening has multiple benefits for our well-being and can even help us reduce depression.

Start a gratitude journal

Practicing gratitude is a great way to bring more positive emotions into your life.

Final Thoughts on Self-Healing

As a result of these efforts, we can begin to heal and recover from the hardships we’ve experienced.