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Solutions for Security Guard Software in 2023

Security Guard Software

You have the important responsibility of offering security to your customers. The safety of your staff and clients may suffer greatly if even the tiniest detail is overlooked or goes wrong. The reputation of your business is impacted by the security you offer.

When you use antiquated technology to make schedules, complete vital paperwork, and manually check your employees’ availability, unfortunately, a lot of things can go wrong. Additionally, you are wasting a great deal of time.

What to Look For in a Security Guard Management Software Solution?

Every business needs security company software that provides the following essential functions, regardless of whether you are just starting your own security guard business or have been managing your security firm for years:

Our best choice for private security software is Novagems. With the help of this all-inclusive mobile software, security guard firms may better manage their personnel in all facets of their work!

Automated reporting, time tracking, scheduling, and much more may be made simpler to keep your guards on the same page (figuratively speaking) when working on any assignment or location. That results in fewer payroll mistakes, less time theft, an improved bottom line, and a contented workforce.

Here’s what to expect:

Enjoy one concentrated location to set, arrange, and deploy your shifts to eliminate the hassle of frequently amending your shift schedule. Even your staff members can be informed via push notifications and alarms! View the availability of your security guards at a glance, duplicate shifts, keep track of vacation time, and more.

The user-friendly time clock from Novagems eliminates time theft by providing automated reporting of the precise moment each security guard clocks in and out. With the click of a mouse, you can keep track of each employee’s time, limit their work hours, and create an incredibly precise paycheck!

Find out what your security officers are actually doing on the job from the time they clock into the time they clock out. Employers can be tracked in real-time using GPS breadcrumbs. Alternatively, let them only clock in from the designated place.

Playing phone, text, and email tag is no longer acceptable! The direct 1:1 and group chat features of Novagems eliminate the need to search for someone to contact. You can phone, text, or directly message any employee using this app’s directory. Enjoy utilizing the conversation feature from the calendar and timer as well!

Novagems can be deployed without special training or expensive additional equipment. Your staff can download the Novagems app for free to their smartphones. In less than two minutes, they can be up and running with the security guard app.

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