Ranking 8 Best Damage Perks In Remnant 2


There are a few very strong Damage Perks in Remnant 2 that could make you change your mind about which Archetype to choose.

When picking an Archetype in Remnant 2, the perks it can get should be a big part of the decision. These can change the way the game is played and how hard it is to fight enemies. Each class will be able to get one perk from each group. One of these is the Damage Perk, which, as its name suggests, helps a character do as much damage as possible with each attack.

These can be very different in how well they work, especially when it comes to their upgrades. Some perks will get a small boost to their stats, while others can become so much more powerful that they are completely devastating. So, it’s important to know which of these benefits are the best.

Dominator – Summoner

Dominator Damage Perk
  • Ability: When a Minion is active, Mod and Skill damage will go up by 3.5%. When you sacrifice a minion, ranged and close-range damage go up by 3% for 30 seconds.
  • Upgrade: Mod and Skill Damage will go up by 3.5%, and Skill Critical Chance will go up by the same amount. If you sacrifice a Minion, your long and melee damage will both go up by 30%, and your chances of getting a critical hit will go up by 5%.

The Summoner is one of the most unique Archetypes in Eggy Car. Its playstyle is all about summoning minions and attacking them to increase the player’s overall damage output. Dominator is a good perk, especially when it’s upgraded, but the Ruthless Prime Perk is much better.

At its most basic level, Ruthless will make the minion’s attacks do 30% more damage and move 30% faster. At level 10, it can improved to do 50% more damage and move 50% faster. Dominator, on the other hand, increases the summoner’s power, but only when it’s upgraded at level 6. Since minions are the most important part of the class, it’s better to improve their stats than the character’s.

Deadeye – Hunter

Shark Damage Perk
  • Ability: Get 4% more damage from long range and 1.5% more damage from weak spots.
  • Upgrade: Get 24% more ranged damage, 9% more weakspot damage, and 5% more chance for a ranged critical.

Deadeye isn’t a bad perk, especially since the extra damage to weakspots can make small-group fights a piece of cake, but the fact that it doesn’t increase firing speed is a real letdown, especially since it could have paired with Urgency, which increases reload speed, to make the Hunter an even bigger threat.

If the player is good at hitting the small, red, glowing weak spots that show up on some monsters, Deadeye will much more useful. However, there are a few other Damage Perks that are much more dangerous in practice.

Shark – Invader

Shark Damage Perk
  • Ability: Sprinting for 1 second improves ranged and melee damage by 0.7% for 15 seconds. This effect can stacked up to 5 times.
  • Upgrade: Sprinting for one second raises long and melee damage by 7% and increases the chance of a melee critical hit by 1% for 15 seconds. This effect can stacked up to 5 times.

The Shark perk is pretty unique in how it works. It gives extra ranged and melee damage that can stack up to five times as long as the player keeps moving around. This makes it perfect for a hit-and-run character that can jump in and deal as much damage as possible while also using the Shadow perk to distract the enemy.

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The standard version of the perk isn’t bad, but it really shines when the extra damage hits 7% after an upgrade. With a full stack, the player can do 35% more damage. When you combine this with the upgraded Circumvent perk, which makes dodging and perfecting dodges even easier, the Invader will be able to give almost as much damage as the more powerful classes while also taking very little damage.

Liquid Courage – Alchemist

Liquid Courage Damage Perk
  • Ability: All damage gets a 2.5% boost.
  • Upgrade: All damage goes up by 25% and the chance of a critical hit goes up by 5%.

The Alchemist is more of a team player than a DPS class. So it’s surprising how much extra damage the Liquid Courage perk gives the player once it’s finally upgraded at level 6. However, it’s the lack of any special abilities or buffs beyond the damage and chance to hit that holds it back a bit.

Even so, it’s still a very powerful Damage Perk that makes the Wrangler 1860 and Bone Chopper much more useful and able to kill smaller enemies in seconds.

Pack Hunter – Handler

Pack Hunter Damage Perk
  • Ability: When a companion is present, your ranged and skill damage will go up by 3%.
  • Upgrade: When your partner is active, your ranged and skill damage will go up by 30%.

A lot of the Hunter’s abilities are more about staying alive than doing damage. Especially since their animal partner can bring them back to life when they die. Pack Hunter helps to make up for this by giving the class a huge amount of extra damage.

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With the Attack Dog skill, the companion can already do 20% damage on its own. Being able to add 30% more ranged damage from Pack Hunter can make it easy to kill stronger enemies. Especially when going for a weak spot. With this perk and the Guard skill turned on, the Handler can take almost no damage while doing a lot of damage themselves.

Close Quarters – Challenger

Close Quarters Damage Perk
  • Ability: Gives all damage done to foes within 10m a 3.5% boost.
  • Upgrade: All damage done to foes within 10m goes up by 3.5%. Chances of getting a critical hit go up by up to 10%.

Even though the way the perk is explained doesn’t make it sound very flashy or exciting, the most important thing about Close Quarters is that it increases “All Damage,” which means it doesn’t just help melee or ranged attacks, but all of the Challenger’s attacks. This gives the player more options for how they want to build their character. It also makes it harder for the Challenger to die. Since the Die Hard perk already makes them invulnerable when they are close to death.

When you combine the 10% critical chance with Mutators that also increase critical chances. Like the Overdrive Mutator, the Iron Greatsword becomes much better.

Shift Shot – Gunslinger

Shift Shot Damage Perk
  • Ability: Gain 1.5% more fire rate and 2.5% more damage from a distance.
  • Upgrade: Get 15% more fire and 5% more damage from a distance.

Even though he may need a little help to take down strong bosses and bigger enemies. The Gunslinger can make quick work of weaker enemies with his Western Classic and Quick Draw skills. In fact, he doesn’t even really need Shift Shot because he can already do so much damag. But the perk helps to make him a threat to those on the other side of his barrel.

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Players should combine the Quick Draw trait with the Swift Shot and Loaded Prime Perk to destroy boss enemies in just a few seconds. This shows why so many players think the Gunslinger is one of the best. If not the best, Archetype in the game.

Metalworker – Engineer

Metalworker Perk
  • Ability: Skill damage goes up by 5%. Heavy weapons get 5% more ammunition and 2.5% more maximum life.
  • Upgrade: Skill damage goes up by 50% and the chance of a critical hit goes up by 10%. Heavy weapons get 50% more ammo, 25% more max health, and 25% more damage to weak spots.

All three of the Engineer’s Skills are Heavy Weapons that stay active until their ammo is gone. This makes them very powerful on their own, but when the Metalworker perk hits level 6 and is upgraded. These weapons become almost impossible to stop.

Along with the amazing buff of 50% more damage, the extra ammo reserves, maximum health, and weakspot damage mean that as long as the Engineer and the team protect the Heavy Weapons, they will only need to provide covering fire while the Engineer’s creations do what they do best: make a mockery of enemy monsters.

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