Ranking 10 Best Safeties In Madden NFL 24


As the defense’s pick-off specialists, a good safety in Madden NFL 24 gives their team’s attack more chances to score each time they lose the ball.

In Madden NFL 24, the safeties are the last line of protection. If the ball carriers get through the first few lines of defense, it’s up to the safety to stop the score. So, safeties have to be the best tacklers and the fastest players on the field.

The best of these players can also track down the ball and pick off or knock down throws that cornerbacks can’t get to. With a good safety in Madden NFL 24, players will have more chances to score because the defense will turn the ball over more often.

Micah Hyde – FS – 89 OVR

Madden NFL 24 Micah Hyde Preseason Player Rating

The fact that the Bills have two safeties in the top ten shows how important the position is to the team. Last season, Hyde got hurt in the second game, which ended his season, so he didn’t get a chance to really build up his stats.

Still, the former Pro Bowl player has done his job with two different teams and keeps showing why he’s one of the best. He tied his career high for picks two years ago. If both safeties stay fit during the year, Hyde might be able to beat his own record.

Jordan Poyer – SS – 90 OVR

Madden NFL 24 Jordan Poyer Preseason Player Rating

Jordan Poyer was chosen for the Pro Bowl for the first time in 2022. This makes his ranking a little bit low. It’s hard to complain about being in the 90s, but Poyer played well enough that he might have deserved a better spot on this list. Even though he was hurt a lot, he still had some amazing stats.

Poyer has a chance to show that the people who changed the numbers were wrong about him. Poyer could be even better if he had a strong season. Buffalo wants to win a title, and Poyer’s defense is a big part of that.

Harrison Smith – SS – 90 OVR

Madden NFL 24 Harrison Smith Preseason Player Rating

Harrison Smith has been picked for the Pro Bowl six times in his eleven-year career. All of which have been spent in Minnesota. He is still a top player. Just last season, he tied his career high for picks. For more than a decade. It has been hard to pass against the Vikings, and Smith is the main reason why.

Analytics, which look at more than just numbers, say that Smith is one of the best players in the game at any position. When Smith makes a stop, some of the best wide receivers in the game aren’t ready for the hard hit that comes with it.

Budda Baker – SS – 90 OVR

Madden NFL 24 Budda Baker Preseason Player Rating

Budda Baker could be remembered as one of the best players the Cardinals have ever had. Even though Arizona’s team has seen better days. The five-time Pro Bowler has made the last four Pro Bowls in a row. Most of the attention goes to the frontmen, but it’s Baker who keeps everything going.

Baker’s strength is definitely being able to block passes. But Baker is also known for songs that make you shake your teeth. Baker is ready to lead the team deep into the playoffs if the rest of the team can be more stable.

Tyrann Mathieu – FS – 91 OVR

Madden NFL 24 Tyrann Mathieu Preseason Player Rating

Last season, the Saints were in a lot of trouble. The new player, Tyrann Mathieu, is what stopped the season from being a complete waste. As he tried to get things in New Orleans in order, he made a career-high number of stops.

As soon as Madden NFL 24 was shown to the public, fans got to see new players join the field. But this doesn’t take away from the past athletes or what they did. Mathieu has been to the Pro Bowl three times and won the Super Bowl.

Jessie Bates III – FS – 91 OVR

Madden NFL 24 Jessie Bates III Preseason Player Rating

As Madden thinks about skipping a season, the Bengals might wish they could start over and keep Jessie Bates III. The Falcons got Bates from the Cincinnati Bengals. He is often thought to be one of the most underrated players in Drift Boss.

Last year, Bates had more picks than ever before, and he seems to be getting even better. If he does, Atlanta will have gotten a good deal on a guy who is highly rated by all analysts. Even though Bates is one of the few bright spots on his team’s defense. He has not yet been chosen for the Pro Bowl.

Kevin Byard – FS – 92 OVR

Madden NFL 24 Kevin Byard Preseason Player Rating

Kevin Byard has started every game for the Titans since 2017. To be healthy, you have to work hard and follow rules. Byard has been to the Pro Bowl twice and made the most stops of his career this past season. He looks for ways to get better.

Last year, the Titans started 7-3 and finished 7-10, which was a terrible fall. Byard, who shut things down in the air, is not to blame for any of this. Tennessee hopes to avoid injuries that will cost a lot of money and will give Byard the team backing he deserves.

Justin Simmons – FS – 92 OVR

Madden NFL 24 Justin Simmons Preseason Player Rating

Even though Justin Simmons missed the first five games of the season. He shared for the league lead in interceptions with six. Last year, the Broncos didn’t have much to cheer about. Because their offense was terrible, but when Simmons was on the field, their defense was strong.

The Broncos hope that Sean Payton, their new coach, can fix things on offense. Denver will be one of the best teams in the league if they can do that and Simmons keeps getting better.

Minkah Fitzpatrick – FS – 93 OVR

Madden NFL 24 Minkah Fitzpatrick Preseason Player Rating

Minkah Fitzpatrick is the best free safety in the game because he led the league in interceptions last year. Fitzpatrick upset defenses so much that they couldn’t figure out how to pass safely while he was on the field. This helped him get to his third Pro Bowl.

Most of the time, a safety isn’t in the running to be the game’s cover star, but Fitzpatrick could be. In a time when attack seems to be the most important thing. He brings back a cockiness that reminds fans of classic football of the Steel Curtain.

Derwin James Jr. – SS – 95 OVR

Madden NFL 24 Derwin James Jr. Preseason Player Rating

Even though he missed a few games last year, Derwin James Jr. became known as one of the best safeties in the business. He went to the Pro Bowl for the second year in a row and the third time overall. As players tried to guess the scores of the top players. They all knew that James would be one of them.

James is likely to lose the ball when he makes a hit, which gives him another way to force a turnover as a strong safety on top of what makes most safeties great. He is a key part of the Chargers’ defense, and San Diego is lucky to have him.


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