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What Does CFS Mean On Instagram?(Full Guide – 2023)

CFS on Instagram

In the current generation, there are millions and millions of short terms and abbreviations that are use by people on various social media applications. Talking on social media applications has become very difficult for some people who are not able to understand these short terms and acronyms that are use on the applications and another thing that you need to know is that one single term can have a number of meanings which can also make conversation difficult for even those people who are familiar with these terms.

One such term is CFS and sometimes; it is very difficult for people to comprehend the meaning of this acronym as there are different meanings of the term depending on the context and this is why in the article; we are going to tell you what does cfs mean on Instagram. If you are also looking for the same information then; here is all the information that you need compiled in one place.

What is the Meaning of CFS on Instagram?

There are a few meanings of the term on the application however, the most common and popular meaning of the term is ‘Close Friends Story’. This refers to the Instagram story that is share on the application but the account owner restricts the number of people who can watch the story.

If you do not have a story that you want to share with everyone on your account then, people use the Close Friends story option and choose the Instagram accounts with which they want to share their story and then, upload the story on their account. This is the most common cfs meaning in Instagram that allows people to restrict actions in their accounts.

You need to create a special list of Close friends on the application when you want to share the Close Friends story however, sometimes it can be difficult for people to understand this slang as not a lot of people know all the slangs that are used on different social media applications by Gen-Z.

How Can You Create A Close Friends List (CFS on Instagram)?

Now that you know cfs meaning on instagram, we are also going to mention the different steps that will assist you when you want to create a Close friends list on the application to share daily life threads or some other stories that you do not want to spread to a lot of people.

1. Click on your profile picture at the bottom corner of your Instagram account and further choose the three lines to access the main menu of your application.

2. Once you see the menu; you need to choose the Close friends feature as you will be able to locate the feature very easily.

3. You will now see a list of all your followers from which you need to choose specific accounts that you need to add to your Close friends list.

I am sure that after reading the simple information given in the guide you have understood the meaning of CFS as well as how to create a Close Friends List.

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