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Mounting a TV on the wall can offer a low-key yet compelling approach to increase and clean up an eye-catching space without having to implement numerous long-lasting improvements.

“At the time our clients buy a TV, we often hear that they need to reduce clutter to make the space as clean as it could be,” says Darius Jackson, Senior Home Plan Specialist for Best Buy. “A wall-mounted TV can help a room look more professional and inviting while saving space.”

While mounting a TV to a wall can seem overwhelming, with a few basic tools, a viable tv wall mounting, and a companion to help lift the TV up, it’s not too difficult to even consider.
Before you start drilling holes in the wall, there are a few key things you really want to be aware of to help you with how and what to use to mount your TV.

Know your requirements:

The hole pattern used to screw the mounting frame to the TV on the back of each TV and mount is standardized by the VESA standard. You can get the specific required VESA size in the TV’s instruction manual. VESA sizes are always two numbers – 200 x 200, 400 x 400 and 400 x 600 – and the numbers increase with the size of the TV.

Distinguish the type of wall:

Most walls are plasterboard supported by vertical posts made of wood or metal. The TV cannot be mounted on the plasterboard by itself – it should be inserted into the studs. Assuming your wall is block or cinder block, you will need brickwork. A few established houses have walls made of mortar, which here and there do not have nails.

How to choose the right TV mount:

There are a variety of styles of TV mounts, so choose the one that best suits your space. Fixed mounts basically attach the TV to the wall without any development. In the event that your space requires your television to have a bit more versatility for individuals to watch, then at that point a pivoting, sliding or fully movable mount may be ideal.

Choose a place to mount your TV:

The best place to watch TV depends on how you want to watch it. Keep in mind where the nearest electrical outlet is and where the plugs are in the wall. The holes in the TV mount layout should be above the centers of the studs, so this will also direct where the TV can be mounted.

How to hang a TV on the wall Mark the studs.

Use the stud locator to find the studs in the space you need to mount the TV and stamp the center of each one. From the center, the pins are usually 2 inches wide and 16 inches apart. Several walls have studs 24 inches apart. The middle nail mark is where you will punch the holes.

Glue the bracket layout to the wall.

Use a level to make the format straight. You should drill four holes together. In the event that the areas of the protrusions do not line up exactly with where you think the TV should be, you can balance the mounting holes – this is why there are many opening options in the arrangement. You can also change the location of the device on the back of the TV.

Fill in the blanks.

Using the hole size suggested in the TV mounting instructions, drill four controlled hole areas on the plan. Drill about 2 inches through the drywall and about an inch into the stud. For a wooden dowel, it is better not to drill the entire length of the screw, simply create a pilot hole to guide the screw. Drill a hole the same depth as the anchor if you are not mounting on drywall, then insert the anchors into the holes you drilled. Continuously, actually double check the hole area before punching.

Attach the bracket to the wall.

The wall mount itself can be heavy, so if necessary, have a companion help you mount it to the wall. To ensure that the wall mount is level, place a spirit level on it. After making the necessary adjustments, finish fully tightening the screws or bolts into the wall.

Attach the hardware to the back of the TV.

Most wall mounts come with another system segment that you mount on the back of the TV. Align the frame with the four holes on the back of the TV and install it there. Attach the frame to the back of the TV using the hex wrench. Secure the wall plate of the TV mount to the wall using screws and anchors (if necessary). Make sure it’s level and tightly fastened.

Place the TV on the bracket.

Connect the mounting device on the back of the TV to the wall mounting device. When you’re getting ready to make the final adjustments, you shouldn’t tighten everything up just yet. Make sure the surface is horizontal by placing it on the TV. Make any changes and after alignment attach screws, fasteners and other equipment.

Safety Tips:

  • Always use the appropriate mounting hardware for your TV’s size and weight.
  • If you’re unsure about any step, consult the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional installation.
  • Be cautious while handling the TV, as it can be heavy and fragile.

By following this guide, you can safely and effectively mount your TV on the wall, creating a sleek and space-saving entertainment setup in your home.


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