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How to Maintain Your Electric Cycle?

how to maintain your electric cycle

If you are looking to buy an electric cycle online, you would want to know how to take good care of it. The most reliable and durable e-cycles are more likely expensive. Thus, in order to keep yours in the best of shape you will need to follow a regular maintenance regime. Today we will present you with a detailed explanation of how to take care of your electric bicycle.

It includes tips on washing your e-cycle, application of lubricants, checking your e-cycles components on a regular basis, updating your e-cycles software and app regularly and taking care of the battery. 

The basics of electric cycle maintenance are the same whether you are looking for an electric folding cycle, an electric hybrid cycle or an electric road cycle. 

Proper maintenance, especially when you are riding off-road, is essential whether it’s an electric mountain bicycle or an electric gravel cycle. And that’s because dirt and debris may quickly attack your electric bicycle’s components. 

Like any traditional bicycle, the e-cycle needs regular maintenance. If you clean and take care of it regularly, it will keep running smoothly and efficiently. 

How often do you need to service an electric cycle?

Generally, the maintenance of an electric cycle is no different from that of the traditional bicycle. However, some of the parts, especially the drivetrain (cranks, chain and sprockets) can undergo extreme wear and tear. So, washing your e-cycle regularly and maintaining it is crucial if you wish to get the most out of the bike.

Dirt and mud increase the wear on your electric bicycle’s parts. And when the dirt and mud mix with water and grease they form a paste that can greatly diminish the efficiency of your e-cycle. 

The smoother your electric cycle runs, the more efficient it becomes and the longer your e-cycle’s parts will last. You need to keep the drivetrain clean and running well: the battery life and power output remain irrelevant if the gears are grinding and skipping. 

If you ride an e-cycle with an efficient drivetrain and gears that are adjusted properly, your riding experience will be even more blissful and exciting. Moreover, it will help you get the most out of your electric bicycle in the long run. 

If your drivetrain appears excessively dirty (perhaps due to the accumulation of black deposits on the chain or due to mud stuck in the jockey wheels) you can clean it quickly using a rag. Also, you can clean it using a degreaser. The chains of your e-cycle tend to need regular lubrication than the chains of a normal bicycle.

If you regularly apply a quality lubricant to your chain it will ensure that the transmission runs with extreme efficiency. It will be great if you do this after every ride, especially after riding and washing your beloved electric bicycle. 

However, applying a lubricant to an electric bicycle doesn’t seem as simple at times. You cannot possibly back-peddle many of the e-cycles, so you can try placing your electric bicycle in a work stand (or you can get someone to hold the rear wheels).

So that you can turn the pedals to allow the lube to drip onto the chain evenly. There is another thing you can do but only if your electric cycle has a ‘walk’ mode. If it has a walk mode then you can engage its rear wheel as well as the cranks spin around slowly which in turn, will allow you to lube the chain effortlessly. 

In addition to applying a lubricant, you need to frequently keep a check on your e-cycle’s tyre pressure. Tyres that are not inflated sufficiently pose a huge danger but they can also waste power and reduce efficiency. In the same way, if the tyres of your e-cycle have too much pressure, it can compromise comfort and grip. 

So, the best step is to keep the tyres inflated to within the recommended pressures as indicated by the sidewall.

How to wash your electric cycle?

Now, we have already placed an emphasis on the significance of keeping your e-cycle clean to increase its efficiency and durability. Let’s take a look at how you can wash your electric bicycle. 

Motors and batteries of the electric cycle are sealed so, no water should be allowed anywhere near it! Moreover, you need to avoid washing your e-cycle with a high-pressure jet wash. That’s because the power of the water can force its way through the cycle’s seals.

Thus, it’s always recommended that you wash your e-cycle using water from a bucket or a low-pressure hose. Along with that, use a brush to briskly remove dirt and stains. 

Make sure that all connections are sealed by leaving the battery in its housing. But bear in mind, you need to turn the e-cycle system off before you wash it along with unplugging the charger. 

The charging ports are most likely to take in dirt, so make sure to check inside and remove any mud using a dry cloth or brush. Then keep the port closed when you wash the e-cycle.

Post the wash-up, you should dry your electric cycle with a clean cloth. Make sure to avoid the disc brakes as you wouldn’t want to contaminate them with oil or other cleaning products. Furthermore, you may wish to clean the battery contacts. This can be accomplished with a soft, dry brush along with a tidy cloth. 

If your electric cycle has a range-extender battery (an optional second battery that may be connected for longer rides), you should always disconnect it before cleaning. Moreover, you need to clean the connections with a sensitive, dry brush. 

Your electric cycle is most likely to have a speed sensor magnet on its wheel. You can clean this with a soft cloth to avoid any problems. 

Repairing and Waterproofing

As we mentioned above, the motor and battery of an electric cycle are sealed to stop any water damage. However, it does no way mean that water simply cannot get in. Nonetheless, with a certain amount of care, you can prevent it from happening.  Some of the things you can avoid with an electric cycle include using a jet wash and completely placing your e-cycle in water. The motor of your electric cycle is in a factory-sealed unit. Therefore, you should never try to dismantle it for maintenance or in order to resolve the issue. 

If you feel there is any issue with the motor or system, it’s advisable to simply visit the store where you purchased your electric bicycle. Some electric bicycle insurance policies cover the loss or damage done to your e-cycle.

Charging the Battery and Storage 

Taking care of a sealed battery may seem impossible. However, there are various ways to keep your electric cycle battery in the best condition possible. Li-ion batteries tend to deteriorate slowly and lose their capacity over time. But if you take proper care of your battery, storing it in the right way and keeping it charged will ensure a prolonged life. 

Cleaning of electric cycle battery

If you disconnect your battery on a regular basis. then make sure to clean it with a damp cloth and brush off any dirt using a dry brush. Occasionally, clean and gently grease your electric bicycle’s battery. But be warned, never clean it using a high-pressure jet wash. 

Charging and Storing an electric cycle battery

You should always charge the battery at room temperature inside a dry location. Moreover, if your wish to enhance the lifespan of your battery, avoid leaving the battery fully charged or even fully discharged for prolonged periods. 

If your e-cycle is not in use for a prolonged period, you can disconnect the battery. Thus, it will gradually lose charge, but even then charge it up on a regular basis. Like I have mentioned earlier, avoid storing the e-cycle for long periods of time with no charge. Maintaining 40-70% of charge in your e-cycle’s battery is essential for long-term storage. 

Did you know? Intense cold and heat are the worst enemies of electric cycle batteries. So, store your e-cycle battery in a cool and dry place out of direct contact with sunlight.

During the cold winter months, especially if the temp is in minus, you should charge and keep the battery at room temperature. And please don’t forget to re-insert the battery into the electric cycle immediately before you ride it.

Make use of the right charger

Although some of the battery chargers seem compatible with multiple electric cycles. You should only use the charger that is specifically made for your e-cycle. Batteries do not generally charge in a similar way. So, using the wrong charger can damage your electric bicycle’s battery. 

Updating App and Software

Majority of the e-cycle system manufacturers occasionally release updates for app and software. Along with logging the statistics of your ride, some of the e-cycle apps allow you to monitor the performance of your e-cycle.  You can also get access to the system health or acquire updates for maintenance from your e-cycle’s app. Which in tun, may display info such as service intervals. 

Now, based on the motor brand and system that your e-cycle is running on. These updates may help boost torque and improve battery life. Finally, at times, your electric cycle may display error codes that prevent the motor from engaging. The reason behind such errors may differ, but you can generally fix it by a dealership.

Like any other bicycle, taking care of your electric bicycle will help you in getting the best out of it. Let’s summarise the points we have explained:

So, before you buy an electric cycle online, make sure to keep these maintenance points in check. And then your future e-cycle journey’s will always be insured! All the best!

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