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How to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic Using TikTok

How to Increase Your Blog's traffic using TikTok

You’ve probably seen or heard of TikTok. A friend has likely shown you a hilarious video or your niece of 12 years old recording herself performing the Dougie.

As a marketer or blogger, have you thought of using TikTok to increase your blog’s traffic? You can also buy TikTok views with YTpals.

1. Create Your Profile For Your Perfect Viewers

You know the kind of people who will be watching your videos. Make it optimized to appeal to your intended audience when you make your profile.

There’s nothing complicated about setting up a TikTok profile. Here’s the procedure:

Setting up TikTok is a bit like setting up an Instagram profile. If you’ve written a professional Instagram bio, you can share it on TikTok.

2. Find Popular Influencers in Your Niche

Using your search engine, you can search for hashtags within your field of expertise. These searches will direct you to popular videos. If you discover videos you like, look up the creator’s account to see if they continue to make TikToks relevant to your area of expertise.

Alternately, you can look for bloggers or brands you already know and popular with your target audience. Check out the kind of videos the bloggers make.

3. You can spend an entire hour watching top TikToks in Your Field

Once you’ve identified the prominent influencers in your area, Make sure you spend at least one hour looking through their videos and searching for patterns.

After watching similar TikTokers within my niche, I realized several: 1.) The word “side hustle” was likely to make a video viral in my field. 2.) Music played on the popular tab increased the chances of becoming viral. 3.) videos that performed well featured a catchy hook within the initial 5-10 minutes.

The words that are viral in your area are entirely different. Please take note of the most frequently used terms along with the music and precisely how popular creators within your niche place their hooks and calls to action.

4. Find patterns and plan Your First Video

Once you’ve completed your research, now is the time to map for your film.

Learn from influential influencers like you and put it to make it work for you.

Begin by using your most well-known blog posts. Create a few scripts, then make them into 60 minutes (or less) TikTok videos.

Begin by looking at the most well-known blog posts. Create a few scripts, then reduce them to 60 minutes and more petite TikTok videos.

5. Make sure that every TikTok is clearly outlined with a clear call to action

Your videos should include an opportunity to engage viewers in the final segment. By using the hyperlink in your website’s bio, you could direct viewers to other blog posts as well as your email address or even your YouTube channel.

I was completely unprepared when I first began making videos. I didn’t have any calling to action or a link on my site or my connected YouTube channel. Due to this, I only got a small amount of profit from my first popular videos.

Then, I realized and now ensure you always have an active call with a suitable hyperlink.

Think About the End Goal

It is possible to use TikTok to accomplish a wide range of kinds of blogging objectives. This is why it is crucial to consider your ultimate objective prior to making your video.

Here are a few different ways you can use TikTok to increase your earnings. Take these into considerations when you are creating your calls to actions.

Increase the Emails of Your List If you’re looking to increase the number of emails you receive and increase the number of subscribers, you can design opt-in freebies that go along in your content. Make use of a landing page host your email sign-up offers and then include the landing page’s URL on your profile and make it a part of your call-to-action.

Increase Revenue from Affiliates There are a few ways you can utilize TikTok to boost affiliate earnings. The first is to send TikTok traffic to your email list, and after that, you can put these subscribers into funnels.

Additionally, you can direct TikTok users to the blog post with affiliate links to the product that you’ve included within the TikTok video. To maximize the benefits of this, you should locate lucrative affiliate programmes within your field of expertise.

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