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Buying into That Great Australian Dream – Hot Tips for Home Buyers

Tips for Home Buyers

Australia boasts one of the highest rates of house ownership in the globe, from Darwin to Dubbo, Brisbane to Broome. Most of us still aspire to the great Aussie dream of having our piece of paradise, notwithstanding the recent price rise in every metropolitan city. But there are ingenious methods to simplify house ownership if you’re savvy and prepare ahead.

Here are seven helpful strategies for getting the sell car for cash brisbane

1. Refuse to be persuaded by exquisite furnishings and fragrant flowers

Nowadays, many house sellers hire stylists to ensure their property appears its best while it is available for inspections. But look behind the high-end pillows and new flowers. Be sensible. Perform a pest and building inspection, looking for significant structural damage or rot symptoms. Also, don’t forget to check the little stuff, like if your couch will fit through the front door or if there is adequate storage space in the kitchen.

2. Place comes first, followed by property

Your first house may not be your ideal residence, but it may serve as an important stepping stone on the road to your long-term objective. The secret is to purchase in an area where real estate prices are rising at a similar pace as the area you want to eventually call home. This entails sacrificing the property’s size or aesthetic. Purchasing a townhouse, an apartment, or a one-bedroom apartment instead of a two-bedroom home. It’s crucial that you establish a presence in your ideal area. You’ll be able to trade up to your perfect house as soon as you’ve built up additional equity via capital growth.

3. The size of different residential buildings

A large, contemporary apartment building with a gym, outdoor pool, and on-site concierge may attract purchasers. But now comes the crucial part. You must pay high body corporate dues each quarter and continuous maintenance payments. Because there are more owners than tenants, smaller blocks are often older, have fewer (if any) amenities, cost less to operate, and are frequently better kept. If you’re looking for an apartment and discover multiple properties for sale in the same block, the fees are probably to blame. Beware.

4. Conserve essential times. Search online for the best loan

It pays to conduct your research before looking for a loan. There is a maze of options, deals, loan kinds, variable, and fixed rates. Examine the offerings from several banks (not just the big 4), mortgage brokers, and specialty lenders. While other locations may only provide one or two loan kinds, lenders like HSBC Australia offer at least nine distinct loan options to accommodate every borrower’s lifestyle. Very much worth looking into.

5. Remember to set aside money for fees

Okay. Your loan has been accepted despite your diligent saving for a deposit. Several little (and significant) add-ons are included when you sign a contract of sale. Stamp duty, disbursements, legal fees, mortgage insurance, pest inspection reports, survey reports, builder’s reports, loan application fees, valuation fees, registration fees, etc.

6. A second secret. Inquire about discounts for the “professional package

Banks nowadays are far more aggressive in rewarding client loyalty. Ask about the “professional packages” if you make a respectable income, such as more than $50,000 per year or $80,000 or more with a spouse. It may greatly benefit if the interest rate on the house loan you are provided is typically decreased by 5%. You might be eligible for extra discounts, fee waivers for savings accounts, and waivers of credit card annual fees if you establish an excellent working relationship with one lender and consolidate all of your business with them.

7. Ditch your daily latte. Additional payments might lower your interest more quickly

You could save more than $700 a year if you stopped purchasing your morning coffee on the way to work! Apply it to your debt. One of the most excellent methods to shorten the length of your loan and the total amount of interest paid is to make additional payments. Some individuals even attempt making payments every two weeks, which is lovely if it fits your budget and schedule.

Generally speaking, depending on the level of interest rates, every $1 in additional repayments you make early on in the life of your loan saves you roughly $2 in interest throughout the course of the loan.


Consider making a one-time lump sum payment if you have extra money after selling your automobile or making a garage sale purchase. First, confirm that you may make additional payments on your loan without incurring fees.

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