Halls Of Torment: 8 Best Footwear In The Game


In Halls of Torment, there are a lot of cool shoes that can help players do better in the game. Here are the choices that stand out.

In Halls Of Torment, the new indie hit by Chasing Carrots, hell has broken loose. The game looks like a throwback to the RPGs of the 1990s. And players try desperately to stay alive as wave after wave of zombie fears come at them. There are a number of halls that players can try to take on in an attempt to outlast the 30-minute timer. They can choose from different characters with different skills and items.

One of the most important parts of Halls of Torment is the different things that can be unlocked and put on the playable character. Each item has its own special abilities that give players an edge over their enemies. Some of these things are the different kinds of shoes that players can wear to improve their attack, defense, or even movement. There are eight different shoes to choose from, but which will give players the best chance to survive hell?

Plated Boots

A player using the Plated Boots during a run in Halls Of Torment

The Plated Boots are one of the cheaper and more basic types of shoes in Halls of Torment. They are a good place for new players to start because they are cheap and give them a small boost to their defense rating. Even though these simple boots don’t do anything special. They are better than having nothing on your feet in the fiery depths of the underground.

The Plated Boots add three points to a character’s defensive rating. Which makes them a little bit more resistant to hits from enemies. Even though this isn’t much, the boots can be used without completing any tasks or killing any big monsters.

Runner Shoes

A player using the Runner Shoes during a run in Halls Of Torment

The Runner is another simple shoe style that is only slightly better. The purpose of shoes is pretty clear: they help walkers. With these shoes, players can move faster around the map and stay safe, or at least less dangerously close to their enemies.

The Runner Shoes are the other type of basic shoes that are easy to get at the beginning of 8 Ball Pool. They speed up the player’s progress by 15%. Which is a great place to start in any of the game’s Halls.

Pace Setter

A player using the Cleric character wearing the Pace Setter boots in Halls Of Torment

In Halls of Torment, a player’s health bar is the most important thing to keep an eye on. It can be quickly reduced if they get into a bad situation. And when it runs out, the run is over. With Pace Setter shoes, players will have another way to feel better.

The Pace Setter boots are best for characters who dig their heels in and rely on the power of their weapon and the speed with which they hit. A person will get an extra health point for every second that they stand still. This is a great perk, but you shouldn’t use it too often because standing still in any of the Halls is dangerous even when things are going well.

Spike Boots

The Spike Boots in use during a run in Halls Of Torment

The Spike Boots hurt the workers of hell when they try to attack. It’s like knocking coins out of a chest full of coins. While these boots are on, when a player is hit, they will drop ten spikes on the ground. Anyone who touches them will take a lot of damage and be stunned for a short time.

With these boots, the player has a great chance to turn the tide of the fight in his or her favor by knocking out any close-range threats. They can only be used once every four seconds, so players should take advantage of the chances they give.

Septic Boots

A player using the Shield Maiden character in Halls Of Torment

The Septic Boots, also called “Bogged Boots,” are what you get when you walk through too many slime monsters’ sticky waste in Halls of Torment. The Slime Slayer I award is earned by killing 50,000 slime monsters in the Haunted Caverns Hall. This unlocks these boots.

With the Septic Boots, players can leave a trail of green slime behind them wherever they go. This may not hurt enemies too much, but it will slow them down. The puddles are active for ten seconds or until too many feet have walked through them. This gives players a chance to get away from their attackers and buys them valuable time.

Elven Slippers

A player using the Exterminator character wielding the Elven Slippers in Halls of Torment

If you like to keep your character moving while running through Halls of Torment, the Elven Slippers are a great way to protect yourself even more as you carefully avoid the demon attack. You can get them if you get to level 30 as the Archer. Which is perfect because the Archer is good at sneaking around.

The Elven Slippers increase a player’s block rating while they move. And they keep doing this until they hit a limit of ten extra points. But if a character’s moving speed gets faster, the cap will go up, making it even harder to get past a character’s defenses. It’s important to note, though, that these shoes’ benefits stop working when the person stops moving.

Electrostatic Treads

A player completing a shrine using the Warlock character in Halls Of Torment

If an enemy gets too close to a person who is wearing Electrostatic Treads, they will get a rude shock. This is because these boots have an electric surprise for anyone within its range. With these shoes, players can charge up the energy inside them as they move around the map. When the shoes are fully charged, they explode with electricity.

These boots are one of the best in Halls of Torment. Because they give players an extra way to attack and protect themselves. Since these are charged by just moving around, they are very useful because they are silent attacks that don’t require players to do anything extra.

Firewalker Boots

The Firewalker Boots in use during a run in Halls Of Torment

No thing from the underworld will want to come near you if you wear these red-hot boots. The Firewalker Boots are one of the best pairs of shoes you can get in Halls of Torment. And they are a must-have for players who want to stay out of trouble.

The Firewalker Boots leave a trail of fire wherever the wearer goes. If an enemy steps in it, they will be burned. And there is a chance that they will also be burned. When combined with Dragon’s Breath, the devils of hell will have a hard time getting away from a fiery death.


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