Halls Of Torment: 10 Best Traits, Ranked


With the right traits, it can be easy to stay alive in Halls of Torment, where there are a lot of enemies. Here is a ranking of the best.

The latest game from Chasing Carrots, Halls Of Torment, sends players straight to hell. The game’s retro look, which was inspired by the great RPGs of the past, is stunning gamers. The game puts players in the underworld and gives them the task of surviving hordes of the devil’s most evil servants. Only the bravest and smartest survive the battle.

The game gives players the chance to improve their character’s skills so that they have a better chance of staying alive. Each time a player levels up, they can choose from different ways to improve multiple player traits. From how fast you can move to how much damage you do when you get hit, these are the best base traits in Halls of Torment.


The Channeling trait as it appears in the level-up menu in Halls of Torment

How well the Channeling trait works depends on what bonuses, items, and skills the player has acquired. Against the many hordes in hell, this feature can make a big difference if you use it with the right gear.

The Channeling trait makes active powers and summons last longer before they go away. This trait is especially helpful when wearing things like the Demonic Bond Ring, which lets the player call on Imps to fight with them. By stacking the Channeling trait, players can make Imps fight with them for longer, giving more time for more than one Imp to fight at the same time.

Long Fingers

The Long Fingers trait as it appears in the level-up menu in Halls of Torment

The best way to stay alive in Halls of Torment is for players to level up their characters. This improves their offensive, defense, and other skills, giving them an edge on the battlefield. To do this, players need to get enough gems from their defeated enemies to move on to the next level. The Long Fingers trait makes this easy.

The Long Fingers trait makes it easier for a player to pick up gems from farther away, so they don’t have to be as close to the stones. This is a very useful tool, and it might even be one of the most important ones in the game. Even though it doesn’t have a direct effect on any character trait, it does make it easier to level up and get all the bonuses a player might need to achieve.

Swift Feet

The Swift Feet trait as it appears in the level-up menu in Halls of Torment

In Halls of Torment, you need more than just strength and strong skills to finish a run. Players need to be able to predict what will happen and avoid getting hurt as much as possible. Taking too much damage could mean the end of the road. The speed at which a player moves is a very important part of their success that is often overlooked.

The Swift Feet trait makes a player’s character move faster, making it harder for enemies to catch and hurt them. This is a very important trait to build up, especially later in a run when there are a lot more enemies and one sure way to get to the end is to find small gaps in the groups and run through them.


The Ruthlessness trait as it appears on the level-up menu in Halls of Torment

A fighter who is brave and doesn’t back down is more likely to come out of hell without any wounds. The Ruthlessness trait is great for players who put all of their anger into every attack stroke and want to show they are the best with just one hit.

The Ruthlessness trait gives players a big boost to critical damage, which makes it more likely that they can kill an enemy with just one hit. When paired with the Cunning Technique trait, which makes it more likely that a player will land a critical hit, players can become a real wrecking machine that will make short work of bosses.

Proficient Stance

The Proficient Stance trait as it appears in the level-up menu in Halls of Torment

Most of the traits in Halls of Torment will improve one of a character’s stats. But the Proficient Stance trait is one of the few that doesn’t follow this rule. This trait is different for each character and is designed to make the best use of their skills.

Depending on the character being used, the Proficient Stance trait changes things like damage, the length of a summon, or the width of a cone. This is a very helpful trait because it lets the character focus on what they do best.


The Vitality trait as it appears on the level-up menu in Halls of Torment

In Halls of Torment, a player’s health is the most important part of their run, so they should take any chance they get to boost their health and improve their chances of beating the waves of enemies. With the Vitality trait, players can make their character healthier and make it harder for their enemies to kill them.

Vitality has a direct effect on a player’s base health. And stacking it up will make the player’s total hit points much higher. This feature can give the character up to 70 extra health points. Which can be very helpful as the 30-minute timer winds down.


The Metabolism trait as it appears on the level-up menu in Halls of Torment

The main way to tell how well a player is dealing with the large number of devil’s servants is by looking at their health. If they run out of health, their mission is over. Even though the main task of Wordle Unlimited is to get through it without getting hurt, there are ways for players to get their health back and keep going. This is easy to do if you have the Metabolism trait.

The Metabolism perk makes it easier for a player to heal from injuries. Even though the trait’s effect seems small, a person who has a lot of them will be able to heal 1 or more health points per second. This can make the difference between surviving hell’s agents or dying at their hands.

Weapon Proficiency

The Weapon Proficiency trait as it appears on the level-up menu in Halls of Torment

Weapon Proficiency is a quality that affects characters differently depending on their weapons. Its only goal is to improve the player’s main weapon in more than one way. Depending on the tool used to fight off the hellish hordes, this trait can affect two different stats.

The Weapon Proficiency trait doesn’t improve any of the player’s items or skills. But it does give their weapons a much bigger boost than the normal traits. It can improve attack speed, damage, and range, among other things. Sometimes, it can used to improve more than one part of a weapon.

Quick Hands

The Quick Hands Trait as displayed in the level-up menu in Halls Of Torment

Attack speed is one of the most important ways to tell the difference between the characters in Halls of Torment. Some characters, like the Archer, will attack more quickly but do less damage. Other characters, like the Cleric, will attack more slowly but do more damage. With the Quick Hands trait, players can speed up their attacks until their speed is no longer a weakness.

With the Quick Hands trait, players can speed up their attacks by 8% at a time. Which can be added up if the trait is taken more than once. This shortens the time between hits, making it harder for enemies to reach the player before being killed.


The Strength trait as it appears on the level-up menu in Halls of Torment

The Strength perk is without a doubt one of the most important traits for players to focus on during their difficult run. This trait determines how much damage a character’s offensive skills can do to the demon hordes.

Each time the Strength trait is equipped, the player’s damage rate goes up by 10%. This means that a stack of these traits gives the player more firepower. This is true not only for the main attack. But also for the damage from critical hits and any skills that are being used.


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