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At the center, Chinese’s cultural treasure Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU) is a beacon of research and education in the area that is based on traditional Chinese healing (TCM). The prestigious institution has been a key factor in the preservation and advancement of the ancient art of healing with holistic methods. Join us on a voyage to discover the mysteries in Zhejiang Chinese Medical University.

A Historical Tapestry

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University boasts a rich history dating back to 1953, when it was first established under the name of Zhejiang Medical School. In the course of time it has transformed into a prestigious school that is dedicated to the research and dissemination of TCM.

Retaining Tradition

The university’s dedication to the preservation of the tradition of Chinese medical practices is evident in its extensive curriculum, which includes acupuncture, herbal medicine and Qi gong. It’s an affirmation of their dedication to the authenticity of TCM.

Academic Excellence

Comprehensive Programs

ZCMU provides a variety of courses, from the undergraduate to doctoral level and allows students to explore the depths of TCM. The courses designed by ZCMU provide students with the information and abilities required to become skilled TCM practitioners.

Excellent Faculty

The university is proud of its faculty, made up of famous experts in the area. They are dedicated to their profession and not just provide knowledge, but serve as mentors to students, guiding them in their quest to become healers.

Research and Innovation

Breakthrough discoveries

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University has been at the leading edge of TCM research, constantly making revolutionary discoveries. Their research has resulted in new treatments and deeper understanding of traditional healing techniques.

Modern Integration

Although rooted in tradition the university is not afraid to embrace the latest trends. They seamlessly incorporate the latest research methods and technologies into their TCM studies, making sure that their graduates are prepared for the demands of the current healthcare system.

Global Impact

A Worldwide Network

ZCMU’s influence goes from its campuses. It has established partnerships with universities and other institutions around the world and has created a global community that is committed to the development of TCM.

Alumni Success Stories

Students from Zhejiang Chinese Medical University have achieved immense success in different parts of the globe. They act as ambassadors for TCM and spread its wisdom and effectiveness.


In the end, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University is an example of the timeless tradition that is the traditional Chinese medicine. With rich past as well as high academic standards, a commitment to research and a global outlook, ZCMU is shaping the future of TCM. Join this prestigious university in a quest to unravel the secrets of ancient healing techniques.


What are the courses that ZCMU provide?

ZCMU provides a variety of courses, which include postgraduate, undergraduate doctoral and postgraduate courses for Traditional Chinese medicine.

Are international students accepted at ZCMU?

Absolutely! ZCMU is open to students from across the globe creating an enriching and diverse learning environment.

What does ZCMU keep the tradition of Chinese medicine?

The school maintains the authenticity of TCM by offering a broad program that includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, and various other traditional healing techniques.

What is it that sets ZCMU distinct in comparison to others TCM institutions?

ZCMU’s commitment towards research and collaboration across the globe is what makes it an institution of excellence in the area of TCM.


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