How To Find HP Printer Default Password? (Complete Guide)

HP Printer Default Password

For the setting up of a HP printer, the person is encourage to create an hp printer password on the administration. The hp printer default admin password is use for the settings up of the printer and for accessing features. This helps to make it able to print by using a USB drive. It also makes it able to scan the documents to a computer.

The hp printer default admin password which is used in HP printers is usually “admin”. Some of them have a different hp printer default password. These passwords can be change easily by the user who has used it in the past.

For getting the information of hp printer password, follow the steps to reset the password:

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Press on the button of “Resume”.
  • Hold up the button of “Resume”.
  • Turn on the “Printer”.
  • Continue holding the “Resume” button until the printer displays the message “Resetting”.
  • Release the “Resume” button.

The printer will now be reset to the factory default settings, including the administrator password. The password for the HP printers is “admin”.

How To Login into HP Printer

After the resetting of the password of administration, the user can easily login with hp printer login details to the settings of the printers by using a new password. 

For doing this process, follow the steps:

  • Open a “Web browser”. 
  • Navigate to the “IP address” of the printer.
  • “IP address” printed on the printer.

After entering the IP address of the printer using a web browser, the user will be encourage to enter the password of administration. The user has to enter the new password and click on the button of “Login”.

The user can easily now login to the setting of the printer. The user can also use the settings for the configuration of the features of the printer. It allows you to print it from a USB drive and also helps for scanning the documents.

How to Change the HP Printer Default Password

  • To change the password of the HP printer, the user has to follow the steps:
  • Log in to the “Settings” of the printer.
  • Click on the option of “Security”.
  • Enter the “New Password”.
  • Re-enter the new password in the “Confirm Password” option.
  • Click on the button for “Apply”.

The new password will now be save.

Tips for Choosing a Strong Password

Some tips for choosing a strong password for HP printers are as follows:

  • Do not use “Dictionary words” or “Common Phrases”.
  • Do not use any “Name and birthday”.
  • Include a combination of “letters and numbers”.
  • Make the password “Difficult”.

The idea for changing the password for the HP printers is very good. 


The hp printer default admin password is usually “admin”. Some printers have a different password. 

The password use in the HP printers might have been change by the users.

It is very important for the users to make a strong password for the printers for protecting the HP printer from uneven happenings.

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