Final Fantasy: Every Version Of Ultima In The Game


Ultima from Final Fantasy comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Ultima comes from the Latin word ultima, which means “the end.” Its name makes you feel both afraid and strong, which is fitting since it’s almost always the last magic trick you’ll get in the game. Well, when it’s a magic spell in a game. But Ultima is hard to find and comes in many different forms.

Just like most of the series’ symbols, you can’t have a Final Fantasy without some kind of Ultima. Maybe in the future, the game will add one as a party member for something new, but for now, we’ll just have to leave that as a dream and celebrate every time a powerful spell appears in the series.

Final Fantasy 2

Ultima brightly blows the enemies away

The first game to have the spell that does a lot of damage to all enemies on the field. This version of Ultima is one of the few that is thought to be a white magic spell. Its power is based on the current level of the spell and the current level of all your casters’ spells, instead of the spirit stat.

If you think this will be easy, you have another thing coming. In the second-largest level in the game, which is in the farthest part of the Mysidian Tower, you’ll have to fight your way through some tough monsters and mini-bosses.

Final Fantasy 4

Calcabrina meeting their end via Ultima

First, let’s get rid of the most unclear part: The way you get the Ultima spell in this game will depend a lot on which version you play. Considering that there are at least seven different versions of the game, plus a follow-up.

Even though there are different forms, they all work the same way: your two spellcasters, Cecil and Rosa, both have to spend 99 MP as quickly as possible in a turn-based game. Due to the high cost, they will have to take more time to cast it. This makes it a spell that should only be used in certain situations. Even though it has a lot of destructive power on its own.

Final Fantasy 6

Ultima throws up dirt and takes up the whole screen as it attacks a monster

You can learn this skill in one of two ways in the game. The ‘easiest’ way is to just level Terra all the way to level 99, but it’s such a long grind, and by the time you get it. You’ll be so strong that you won’t need it anymore.

So, you can only get the magicite from Narshe if Locke is in your group. Then, you have to decide whether to let the blacksmith give you the magicite or accept his offer to melt it down to make Ragnarok the sword. Those who are playing for the first time will have to make a smart choice. Because one of the options will make it impossible to get Ultima without leveling Terra.

Final Fantasy 7

Ultima spell covers all who are near, including party members, even if they take no damage

You only have one chance to get this, so you better be careful or you’ll miss out on the strongest spell in the game that isn’t a summon. Once Shinra decides that the best way to move the Huge materials is to drive the train through the mine town of Corel. You and your party will have to save the town and take the Huge materials for yourself.

This quest can end in one of two ways: either you save the town and get the Ultima materia for free, or the town is destroyed and you have to buy it for 50,000 Gil from a dealer. Once you get past this point, you won’t be able to use this harmful power again.

Final Fantasy 8

Ultima returns to its spherical form

Ultima is fairly easy to find in the world of Final Fantasy 8, and you can get it from a number of different draw points. For some, like in Shumi Village, you’ll need Gil, but for the rest, you can just look around places you couldn’t get to until you took control of the Ragnarok. Like the islands closest to heaven and hell.

When you want to draw Ultima from enemies, that’s when things get really hard. Once you reach the standard Final Fantasy elite bosses, Alpha and Omega weapons, getting Ultima from them won’t be easy, so you should be ready to fight for it.

Final Fantasy 9

Trance Kuja prepares to cast Ultima

You shouldn’t play Ultima. If you wanted to keep people alive and save the world, it never was. No, that kind of power is only good for someone who thinks no one or anything is important and that life is not worth living. Ultima is the end of everything in Final Fantasy 9 from a thematic point of view.

So far as I can tell, the only person who can use Ultima is Kuja, who is a great backup bad guy. This version is especially dangerous. In Final Fantasy 9, Ultima are brightly lit homing rockets with a lot of explosive power. This is better than a big wave of magic that hurts all of your enemies.

Final Fantasy 10

Ultima being cast on a group of enemies

Most people agree that Kimahri is the weakest member of the party in Final Fantasy 10. He is a “jack of all trades” who can take on any part in battle. But when you have a team of specialists who can do more damage, there’s no reason to use him. It’s too bad, because as a blue mage, he could learn skills, which would be useful.

But there is a strong reason for you to work your way through his sphere grid. Ultima is hiding in the deepest part of it. It’s almost like the people who made the game knew that you had to have a reason to keep him in your party for a long time. He may not be a good fighter, but he is a good friend and defender of Yuna. By the time you get it, 13 other enemies will have already used it.

Final Fantasy 13

Barthandelus casts Ultima on the party

This time, your enemies have Ultima again, and you can’t use it. If you decide to go after the extra elite hunts, Long Gui and Shaolong Gui, they will not hesitate to shine this bright green light at you and kill you quickly.

Other than that, the main bad guy in Happy Wheels can also use it, but if you put as many of your party members as possible in the sentry paradigm role and heal yourself often, you should be able to win.

Final Fantasy 14

Ultima The High Seraph makes an appearance in Final Fantasy 14 from Ivalice

Final Fantasy 14 has two Ultimas, if you want to get technical about it. The first is what you might expect from these games. A big artificial monster that someone else is “in charge” of. It looks scary, but if you know how it works, this fight will be easy.

The other one is at the end of Orbonne Monastery. The 24-player raid that came out in patch 4.5 suggests that Ultima the High Seraph from Final Fantasy Tactics and the one in the Monastery are the same. In the end, it seems almost certain, which makes us wonder. If they’ll build something from that side quest, like they did with G’raha Tia and the Crystal Tower.

Final Fantasy 16

Ultima stares down the camera

The one that looks the scariest. Ultima starts out as a whisper in the background, quietly guiding poor Clive toward (what Ultima thinks is) his real destiny: becoming Ultima’s vessel to “return his world to what it was originally,” free from Blight.

Since they’re a real bad guy this time, it makes sense that they have more than one form during their boss fight. In fact, they have four different forms that you’ll have to deal with before you can finally get rid of the monster that threatens humanity.


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