Elder Scrolls 6: 10 Characters That Need To Return


The Elder Scrolls is a long-running, well-liked series with many famous characters. Here are a few of the ones fans want to see in the new game.

The Elder Scrolls series is known for its memorable characters, who have left a lasting mark on the lives of fans. From the brave heroes who saved Tamriel from impending doom to the clever and mischievous tricksters who brought laughter and chao. These characters have become icons in the game world.

Gamers can’t wait for Elder Scrolls 6 to come out. And their hearts are full of hope and curiosity about which famous characters will show up again. Will fans be able to meet up with their favorite friends who have been with them on epic quests? Or maybe you’ll meet mysterious people whose existence has changed the Elder Scrolls universe itself. These are the best Elder Scrolls figures that players hope to see again in Elder Scrolls 6.

Serena (Skyrim)

Screenshot Of Serena In Skyrim

Players all over the world were drawn to Serana, the old vampire and daughter of Lord Harkon. As a key person in the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim, she was very important to the main questline.

Serana had a lot of loyal fans, and some players even used mods to make it possible for them to marry her. Since Serana is a vampire, she will live forever. So people are excited to see her in the world of Elder Scrolls 6. Fans can’t wait for her to come back from Skyrim. They want to see her go on new adventures and learn more about her mysterious character.

Night Mother (Various)

Close up of The Night Mother from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

The strange Night Mother has shown up in many different ways in the Elder Scrolls games, weaving her mysterious presence through them. She has always been an important part of the history of the secret assassin’s club, whether she was the strong leader of the Dark Brotherhood in Daggerfall, a scary ghost in Oblivion, or a lifeless shell in Skyrim.

With such a long history and such an important role. The Night Mother’s return in Elder Scrolls 6 is a very exciting possibility. Fans are excited to see her mysterious power at work again and to find out what secrets she may hold for the future. They also want to know more about the depths of her mystery.

High King Emeric (Elder Scrolls Online)

High King Emeric From The Elder Scrolls Online

In Elder Scrolls Online, High King Emeric, the charismatic master of High Rock and leader of the Daggerfall Covenant, left a lasting impression on players. In previous Elder Scrolls games, dead rulers have come back to life. Like Skyrim’s Queen Potema, who was brought back from the dead.

Having High King Emeric in Elder Scrolls 6 could be a key link between what happened in ESO and what will happen in the next game, making sure that the overall story flows smoothly. His appearance would not only add to the story. But it would also give players who have been to Tamriel in other games a sense of familiarity and connection.

Vivec (Morrowind & Elder Scrolls Online)

Morrowind Gods Vivec Almalexia Soltha Sil

Vivec, the god that the Dunmer worship, was an important part of the main questline in Morrowind. Fans were left confused and wanting answers when he suddenly disappeared during the chaos of the Oblivion Crisis. As a result of Vivec’s absence, the Red Mountain in Morrowind erupted in a way that changed the environment for good.

This mysterious character could come back in Elder Scrolls 6, which is a huge draw that promises more mystery and debate. Players are excited to see if they can figure out what’s going on with Vivec’s return. And they’re also excited to see what role he could play in the next part of the story.

Paarthurnax (Skyrim)

Skyrim Paarthurnax on the word wall

The powerful dragon Paarthurnax, who was the last of his kind in Skyrim, left players with a tough moral choice. Players decided whether Paarthurnax would live or die based on the choices they made. If his escape is considered canon, the idea of running into a dragon again in Elder Scrolls 6 is awe-inspiring.

But the question still stands: Could the once-wise Paarthurnax give in to his baser desires and become an unexpected enemy? This interesting possibility makes people talk and get excited about what role this famous dragon might play in the next part of the Elder Scrolls story.

Adoring Fan (Oblivion)

Adoring Fan Oblivion

Even though some people don’t like the Adoring Fan, it has left a lasting impression on players. Those who won the prestigious title of Grand Champion in the Arena were given this happy Bosmer fan. But, like Skyrim’s famous Nazeem, players spent an ungodly amount of time finding weird and wonderful ways to kill the Adoring Fan.

It would be interesting to see one of his descendants show up in Elder Scrolls 6, carrying on the custom of a cute but strange follower. The idea of meeting a new generation of Adoring Fans adds a touch of both wonder and nostalgia, making fans excited about the possibility of new interactions and funny moments.

Sheogorath (Various)

Sheogorath From The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness, makes sure that every time you meet him. You have a delightfully crazy time. He has left a lasting impact on players, both because of his memorable role in Oblivion’s Shivering Isles DLC, which is considered one of the best in gaming. And because of how unpredictable and silly he is.

His return in Elder Scrolls 6 is a must, because his crazy behavior is contagious and gives Snake Game world a unique taste. Also, the interesting Hero of Kvatch/Sheogorath idea, which suggests a link between the two, needs more research. This is a fascinating chance to learn more about the mysterious nature of this well-known character.

Jiub (Morrowind & Skyrim)

Jiub (Morrowind & Skyrim)

The first NPC a player meets in Morrowind, Jiub, has a special place in their hearts. This Dunmer prisoner’s chance meeting with the Nerevarine on the way to Morrowind will stay with him forever. Over time, one of Jiub’s brave acts was getting rid of the dangerous Cliff Racers. Which helped him become a saint.

But by the time Skyrim came around, his soul was found stuck in the Soul Cairn, a scary place. It’s exciting and interesting to think that Elder Scrolls 6 might have a rescue quest to save the loyal Dark Elf friend. Players can’t wait for the chance to go on a good task to bring Jiub’s spirit back to the mortal plane.

The Nerevarine / Hero Of Kvatch / Dragonborn (Various)

Image from Skyrim showing the Dragonborn about to perform a Shout.

Except for the interesting Sheogorath theory noted above. The main characters of past Elder Scrolls games have stayed in their own titles. With the release of Elder Scrolls 6, however, there is a chance that this trend could change. Fans get excited and amazed when they think about these famous heroes coming back.

Like when Red showed up out of the blue in Pokemon Gold and Silver or when the main characters from Dragon Age showed up in Inquisition, Bethesda might surprise fans with an epic crossover that ties together the rich tapestry of the Elder Scrolls universe and brings back beloved characters for a nostalgic reunion.

M’aiq The Liar (Various)

M'aiq the liar - encounter

When it comes to being the best, M’aiq The Liar is the only one who can hold that title. This beloved Khajiit has left a mark on the Elder Scrolls series by being a troublemaker who always gives players both fun and false information. M’aiq has become a well-known character thanks to his memorable roles in Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, and Online. He is known for making wacky comments about the vast Elder Scrolls world.

It’s hard to imagine an Elder Scrolls game without the mysterious M’aiq. So his return in Elder Scrolls 6 is a must. Fans can’t wait for the next part of the beloved series to come out. So that M’aiq can bring the humor and charm that only he can.


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