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8 Ways to Arrange an Eco Friendly Wedding Celebration

Eco Friendly Wedding

The special bond between two people madly in love resulting in a wedding, calls for celebration. No matter where and how you plan to celebrate the wedding, there are a hundred and one ways to add zeal to the occasion. Often, wedding arrangements are considered wasteful but they don’t have to be if you know how to plan the occasion.  

So, it’s time you combine several decisions and adds them up for a better result, and this is when you need to go for eco friendly wedding ideas. That way, you will not only save money but step ahead to fulfill the dream of your life in sustainable ways. So, start exploring wedding reception halls and think about ways to reduce the environmental impact on your wedding day. 

Here are 8 eco-friendly practices you can follow on your wedding day.

8 Sustainable Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding 

1. Use Estate Jewelry

While you can rev up your search for affordable wedding venues in Houston tx, find that wedding ring that causes little or no environmental impact. Why don’t you go for reused and recycled estate jewelry? A gorgeous ring you purchase from an estate jewelry store is slated to create a one-of-a-kind approach. If you want to add zeal to it, just set a diamond on the band and you are good to go. 

2. Paper or Recycled Paper

Sure, designing the wedding invitation card uniquely is a dream for every couple. What are you planning to use for the card material? Instead of relying on paper cards, find out which companies design invitations on recycled paper and add a sustainable touch to your wedding. That way, your card is going to be made from paper that is already in circulation and prevent the newly-made paper from going to waste. Moreover, you can prevent trash and turn it in a way that has no environmental impact. 

3. Sustainable Registry 

If both of you are deeply committed to an environmentally-conscious lifestyle, you can pick items for the registry that supports your cause and also help you cater to the guests nicely. While you can shop from stores that support environmental concerns, you can go for materials like steel straws or tea bags made from metal. The best reception halls in Houston may help you arrange a sustainable registry to reduce the environmental impact.

4. Picking the Venue

You can ask the venue owner to leverage eco-friendly practices or better still search for a venue location that offers an opportunity to host the ceremony and the reception in one location. Azul Reception Hall is among the wedding reception halls situated several miles away from the bustling crowd of the city. It has one of the most specious wedding banquet halls that host both occasions be it the wedding ceremony or the reception.

5. Eco-Friendly Menu

Are you planning to hire a separate catering service on your wedding day? Several venues have in-house catering services you can choose from. While, you can discuss with the service providers about your ethos and sentiment to organize the wedding, make sure they are ready to go ahead with zero-waste meals. If you are environmentally conscious, introduce a vegan menu. However, if it sounds too extreme a step, source the alcohol from the local breweries or distilleries to make the wedding food arrangements eco-friendly. 

6. Eco-Friendly Cake

You can hit the bull’s eye with an eco-friendly wedding cake and make it one of the most attractive elements of your wedding. When discussing with the baker, try to find out whether they can source organic ingredients. Pick a vegan cake once again to make the wedding eco-friendly. 

7. Pick a Sustainable Designer 

Picking the wedding gown is where you can go sustainable in many ways. While you can pick a vintage wedding gown that graced your mother and granny years ago, buying a second-hand dress from and charity bridal store is another option. Besides, pick designers that support sustainable wedding arrangements. Go for a bespoke bridal gown made using locally-sourced fabrics and look stunning and unique on the big day. 

8. Seasonal Flowers 

If you are trying to support eco-friendly practices during the wedding, look for seasonal floral arrangements and pick bouquets that work and stay away from cut flowers. The wedding florist may have sustainable ideas, so ask them to arrange flowers grown locally. 

If you are searching wedding reception halls and planning to arrange a sustainable wedding, a few steps can make a vast difference. Follow the ideas above and throw a grand wedding reception without creating an environmental impact. 

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