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Celebrating World’s Health Day 2022

Celebrating World’s Health Day

World health day is celebrated every year on 7th April to raise awareness for ongoing health issues. Also, WHO was founded on this date in 1948. The first assembly decided to celebrate World Health’s day on 7th April with effect from 1950. Every year WHO chooses a theme related to health to highlight the priority area. The theme is selected by the current WHO Director-General, obviously after hearing suggestions of the members, governments and staff. 

Well when we are talking about health it is not specifically physical health, here we are talking about physical health, mental health, social health, intellectual health. If you are healthy, your life will be much happier. 

On this 2022 World Health’s Day, WHO comes with the theme “ Our Planet, Our Health. A very strong and inspiring theme isn’t it? In the middle of a pandemic, a polluted planet, rising temperatures, increasing diseases like cancer, asthma, heart disease, and whatnot. It is quite important to focus on our Mother Earth. On World Health Day 2022, WHO focuses global attention on urgent actions needed to keep humans and the planet healthy and safe. Creating a movement to motivate societies to focus on well-being.

As there is a saying “There is no Planet B, there is only one Earth” well we all need to understand this. It’s not just a saying anymore, it is the harsh reality of today’s world. With every year our environment is changing and it is high time to put people and planet health in the center of actions, as we are already late. Everything is unpredictable, after surviving two years of covid isn’t it important to learn things and keep our health the priority. 

Do you know approximately 13 million people die each year due to environmental causes. It is officially mentioned on the WHO website. Well let’s say these are results after a proper survey, we never know the real actual number. Even in many places water is being vanished. All these issues have to be solved in priority bases. Healthy world is what we should focus on. 

Let’s pledge to start working towards a healthy lifestyle and towards a healthy planet. Play your role in the world. 

We have come up with 10 simple habits to achieve good health- – Focus on Selfcare 

– Take a break and travel 

– Speak your heart out 

– Ask for help 

– Keep yourself fit 

– Eat healthy and keep yourself hydrate 

– Don’t ever ignore your health related symptoms 

– Give yourself time to heal ‘ 

– Practice Mindfulness 

– Learn new things 

If you are healthy, you can keep your planet healthy too. As the Change starts with us.So protecting our Planet starts with us too. Now is the time for urgent action. 

Here how you can contribute towards a healthy and safe planet- – Reduce waste with composting 

– Respect the environment 

– Plant more trees 

– Go for local produce 

– Conserve water 

– Follow the 3 R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

– Volunteer for community works 

In the end, your health matters and so does your planet’s health. How successful you are or how rich you are doesn’t matter when it comes to health, you can not buy it. You have to work towards it. Start working!! 

Stay healthy, Help others and keep your environment safe.


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