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Learning Spanish has become an increasingly popular trend. Spanish can help individuals develop successful careers in tourism and foreign relations.

BVB or Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Jawaharlal Nehru Academy provides a three-year Spanish language program comprised of six semesters each lasting 5 months, with exams held after each second, fourth, and sixth semester; those successfully passing will receive certificates and advanced diplomas accordingly.

1. Oracle Language Institute

Oracle Language Institute serves as a global reference point for anyone wishing to learn Spanish. Established as a public institution in 1991 with the purpose of encouraging language teaching and promoting Spain’s co-official languages, this network of centres across the globe also maintains offices in Madrid and Alcala de Henares where Miguel de Cervantes was born.

Each centre provides both general Spanish courses as well as more specialized ones tailored specifically for children, adults and teachers. Furthermore, each centre actively promotes and disseminates the culture of Spanish-speaking countries through art exhibitions, lectures, books presentations concerts and films.

In addition, Oracle Language Institute provides an online learning environment and teacher training activities. Furthermore, assessments of its courses and programs as well as agile procedures for collecting opinions of its students are carried out regularly. Finally, its centres are properly equipped, provide clear and comprehensive information about services available as well as advertise themselves honestly to their target market.

2. Kochiva

Kochiva offers courses to improve Spanish speaking abilities, from conversational classes and grammar explanations, through conversational practices and grammar explanations, all the way through downloadable audio tracks for practicing pronunciation.

Professional teachers and students from diverse backgrounds work together to make learning the language enjoyable and interactive, offering one-on-one tutoring so that each learner receives personalized attention from his or her instructor.

Instituto Hispania is one of Delhi’s premier institutes for learning Spanish. Offering an impressive variety of courses and certified SIELE centers, classes are divided into three broad categories and eight levels that begin with Hispanic Uno (A1) and end with Hispanic Ocho (C1). Prices at each level differ considerably; most significantly lower than at Oracle Language Institute.

3. Fluent Fast Academy

Learning foreign languages has quickly become a trend as it helps expand career opportunities of students or candidates. Employers frequently look for individuals who speak multiple languages fluently; therefore, taking up Spanish language coaching in Delhi becomes very essential for young adults.

Jamia Millia Islamia offers Spanish courses through the Centre for European and Latin American Studies (CLEAS), offering one-year part-time certificates, diplomas, and advanced diplomas in this language.

The institute offers interactive learning sessions for its students so that they may grasp Spanish more efficiently and become fluent speakers of Spanish. With its well-planned courses and extensive research materials, performance can be significantly increased quickly within a short timeframe; their batch size ranges between 20-25 students.

4. School of Spanish

The School of Spanish is one of the city’s thriving institutes, led by leaders who understand its value in learning non-native languages for personal or career reasons. At this academy, students learn foreign tongues while building confidence by speaking them out loud in front of classmates.

It offers courses ranging from beginning to advanced levels of Spanish. Their instructors are highly experienced, offering personalized courses that develop writing, listening, and speaking abilities.

The School of Spanish provides professional-grade classes for anyone wanting to expand their business opportunities and make friends abroad by learning Spanish. Each class size is limited to 10-15 people so that you receive individual attention as you develop your language skills.

5. Langma School

Given people’s growing penchant for foreign languages, Spanish has quickly become one of the most sought-after to be studied. Be it for career or personal purposes, learning a new language offers many benefits that cannot be underestimated.

The School of Spanish in Mukherjee Nagar is well known for its professional and proficient trainers, offering online and offline instruction, translation classes, travel guides and engaging classroom sessions that improve communication skills among their students.

Instituto Cervantes offers Spanish classes from beginner to advanced levels and adheres to CEFR standards, making it one of the only authorized SIELE centers in Delhi. Their experienced trainers are committed to your success!

6. Swiss School of Language

Are you in search of an institute offering training in Spanish language? Look no further. They provide live interactive sessions designed to make learning the language easy and effective, study materials and other resources for students as well as tutors who specialize in teaching the subject well.

They provide various courses tailored to your level of experience and interest in Spanish, including free demo classes and video lecture recordings, small class sizes with plenty of personal attention from instructors, affordable fees, study materials included and certificates valid worldwide.


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