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Are You Washing Your Beard Wrong? 3 Common Mistakes

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If you are maintaining your skin and beard, you may know about beard washing. The first step before starting anything is a clean and fresh path. Doing beard and skin care is not apart from that. 

It adds some extra headaches if you are trying to grow a beard. Because maintaining beards is not that easy. However, there are some rules to maintain both skin and beard health. And if you neglect those rules, you may face issues like dry and rough beard, flaky skin, itchy beard, dark spots, acne, and many more, which will affect beard growth.

Most men are not used to the skincare routine, complaining about their beards and skin. The main reason can be the wrong method of washing your beard. That’s why with using beard products and maintaining the diet, you must know the suitable ways of using those products.

In this blog, we will talk about the mistakes and the correct methods of washing your beard to keep you one step forward from others in the beard-growing journey.

Common mistakes while washing beard

Not using the right products: most men think that they can use any products on their face, whether it’d a shampoo, body wash, or conditioner. But this thinking is wrong. The ingredients used in those products are not meant for the face but our hair and body. Our facial skin is more sensitive than our body. Though men have tough skin, the face skin is much more delicate than the body. And the products used for hair are a big no when it comes to our face.

Another big mistake they make is not choosing face wash according to the skin type. If you have oily skin and use a face wash that is made for people with dry skin and has a cream-like consistency, the ingredients in the face wash will clog the pores and make your skin oily. As a result, you will face painful acne and pimples. And clogged pore means difficulty in beard growth and health. 

So keeping all the things in mind, first, understand your skin type. There are four types of skin types, normal, oily, dry, and combination. After figuring out the skin type, choose the proper face/ beard wash for your skin.

If you have beards and want a product that will suit both the beard hair and skin, you must try out beard washes fromMancode. Mancode is one of the best brands for grooming, specially crafted for men. And is trustable by most people. Mancode is available for the beard, skin, hair, and fitness care range. Their face and beard wash are made with essential and pure ingredients effective on men’s skin and beards. It will help the skin keep clean and fresh without drying the face. Their beard washes have aloe vera, neem, and natural oils. And the best part is that the beard washes are suitable for all skin types. So if you are confused with your skin type, go for Mancode.

Carelessly following the regime: everything needs to be maintained under a routine or a command, and the key to success is consistency. It can be worse if you lack consistency or don’t follow the right rules, just like not moisturizing immediately after washing the face. This mistake is common in India. As the weather here is warm primarily, people, especially men, think they don’t need anything after washing their faces. And go outside with a bare look without using any skin protection. As the face stays clean, this mistake attracts the oil and pollution more from outside and affects the beard health. The pollution and dirt get stuck in the beard, and the beard gets dry and rough and gets itchy and dirty.

To avoid this, use any beard oil, beard cream, or beard growth oil to maintain moisture. If you are into the beard growth journey for a long time, you probably understand the importance of  beard oil and beard growth oil. However, they are not only essential for beard health but also for our skin. 

After washing the face, gently pat dry the skin and let it be semi-wet. Then take two to three drops of your beard oil or beard growth oil, whichever you use. And massage it on the palm with both of your hands. It will help the oil to be warm. And if it becomes warm, it will go deeper into the skin. Then massage gently with fingertips on the face and beard.

For best results, follow this routine twice a day daily. And remember not to overwash or over-moisturize the face. Overwashing the face makes the skin dry, while over-moisturizing the face makes the skin oily and patchy. But don’t skip this step in summer. 

However, Mancode has varieties of beard oil with different and essential ingredients great for soothing and moisturizing the skin. Also, have beard growth oil, which will help nourish the skin and grow the beard from the root.

Too hot or too cold water temperature: washing your face with the wrong water temperature can cause damage to beard health. While using too much hot water to wash the beard can be drying and harsh on the face, using too cold water can also damage the beard’s health. Always try to use water that is at room temperature and that your skin can tolerate.

And lastly, don’t forget to check Mancode’s official page, where you will find products with the best discounts.

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