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Are Dental Treats For Dogs Restorative?

Dental Treats for Dogs

From Dog Food to dog toys or from dog bones to chewy treats, our little furry pets want perfect products to satisfy their chewing urge. Every dog has a different impulse for chewing, some of them are aggressive chewers whereas others are soft chewers. Due to this, one might often wonder, do pets suffer from dental issues? Are chew sticks good for a dog’s health?

Chewing is an instinct in every furry pet by birth. Like humans, dogs too suffer from various dental issues due to plaque and tartar buildup. Chewing is an excellent source of exercising jaw muscles, soothing the teething periods, and removing plaque and tartar from the teeth and gums of pets. While canines need to chew, sometimes it might prove destructive if your pet is a hard chewer. Hence, while providing them with any chew sticks or toys, proper care needs to be taken. 

Why Oral Hygiene plays a vital role in a dog’s health? 

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is of utmost importance in our furry pets as our pets might also suffer from various dental issues. These issues can lead to serious health problems. These dental health issues in pets may lead to the loss of hunger, and broken teeth that might damage internal organs if ingested by dogs or puppies resulting in critical health issues. 

Why Dental Chews for Dogs are important?

Dental treats and chews play a vital role in maintaining dental hygiene in every pet’s health. Whereas proper cleaning and brushing a dog’s teeth is important to maintain oral health, dental treats also play an important role in removing plaque and tartar buildup from their gums. There are several benefits you might notice from dental treats for dogs:

Reducing bad breath in dogs: Bad breath is one of the common complaints that pet parents have. You might feel an unpleasant smell from your pet’s mouth, this is due to bacteria build-up in the mouth that can lead to plaque formation. These dental chews help in removing plaque formation from the teeth and gums of pets. These dog treats and chews come in different flavors that also help in improving breath quality in pets. 

Eliminating tartar formation: Pet parents might often notice a hard yellow or brownish color residue formation in dog’s teeth. It is called Tartar formation. Dental chews & treats help in eliminating any such residue formation by protecting teeth & gums.

Helps in making teeth and gums stronger: When dogs consume these treats and chew on one side it satisfies their chewing urge. On another side, it helps in removing any plaque or tartar that is present on teeth & gums. This helps in maintaining the strong teeth and gums of our canine companions. 

Different types of dental chews for dogs:

Varieties of dental chews and treats are available in the marketplace based on the requirements of canines. 

Rawhide Chews: These are made specifically from coats of cows, horses, or pigs. These are available in different size, shapes, and textures and helps remove plaque and tartar from the dog’s teeth and gums. If your pet is a hard chewer, it might be a good option for him.

Dental Bones, Chews, and Biscuits: These are available in various sizes, colors, textures, shapes, and flavors. Available for all pets in different varieties like bones for hard chewers to keep them engaged and contented. Biscuits for soft chewers to provide ease with crumbling actions and satisfy their hunger. 

Dog Dental diets: Some dog dental diets are prepared with specially formulated ingredients that create scrubbing actions when pulverized by pets and help in removing plaque and tartar formation from teeth & gums.

Dog Chew Toys: Another good option that helps to maintain oral hygiene are dog toys. Although dog toys are not edible, some dog toys are assembled in such a way to satisfy canines’ urge to chew and help with their jaw muscle. It also helps in keeping pets engaged especially the pets who eat treats and chew too quickly. 

What precautions should be taken while giving dental chews to dogs?

While dental chews and treats play a crucial role in maintaining a pet’s dental hygiene. Some precautions need to be taken while providing our little canine companions with these treats and chews. Not all dental treats are equal as all are made with different ingredients and flavors. It is recommended to consult once with the Veterinarian before giving it to your pet. There are a few things that need to be taken care of while providing treats and chews to your pets:

Find out the best option: Try to find the best match in treats as per your pet’s size, breed, age, taste, and lifestyle. For example, if your pet is an aggressive chewer he must like treats that are compressed and don’t break easily. Because if the treats break out quickly, your pet might swallow whole pieces which can be fatal to health.

Set time duration: It is not a good option to provide many treats to your pets. For every product, there are both pros and cons of it. These treats may contain lots of calories that are not much required for canines’ health as per human body requirements. Hence proper time duration must be set for feeding your pets with dogs chews and treats that too must be given in a certain amount. 

Regular brushing is important to maintain oral hygiene but it can be tough sometimes. Thus, Kwik Pets is here with the best Dental Treats for Dogs that will not only help in maintaining their dental hygiene but will also help in keeping your pet contented, comfortable and engaged. 

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