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Apple Timepiece Fixed on the Apple Logo?

how to fix apple watch flashing apple logo

If the display on your Apple Watch won’t show anything other than its Apple logo, it’s most likely stuck in an in-between loop that won’t begin to boot correctly. While we can’t promise success however, there are some ways you can help yourself and your Apple Watch when you’re in the same situation.

If you’re facing the issue of the Apple Watch flashing the Apple logo and stuck in a boot loop, there are some steps you can take to try and fix it.

Here’s how to fix Apple Watch flashing Apple logo:

Try Power Restarting Your Apple Watch

If you have a Watch that displays the Apple logo but then blinks continuously, it will likely be rebooting itself repeatedly. This is called the boot loop. It is possible to end this boot loop with a hard reset. This can be initiated in the same way, regardless of your Apple Watch model.

You can force the Apple Watch to restart by holding down the Digital Crown and side button for at least 10 seconds or until you see the signs of your hard reset appearing on the screen. Usually, this is evident as the Watch screen will immediately be black; however, If you’re inside a reboot loop, it might be difficult to tell.

If you’re confident that you’re satisfied that your Watch is reset hard, take it between 30 and 45 seconds to get it to warm up “from cold” again. It will be clear whether this is working because you’ll either end the cycle or get stuck in it for a second time.

If the fix doesn’t work, try it a few times. There are stories of this on Reddit that show the reset working after ten attempts as well as the Apple Watch finally starting up properly after multiple hard resets. Users have also reported that charging the Watch between resets helped.

If it works, proceed next step, “Preventing Your Watch Getting Stuck Again,” step below, as this could be only a temporary solution.

Try Live a Sound in the Discovery My App

It’s unclear why this might work, but there are reports of people having good results using the “Find Me. “Find My” App to play music through the Watch. It’s not likely to be a success if your Watch is constantly flickering and rebooting, but if you notice that it’s showing a constant Apple logo (and seems unable to boot completely), It’s worth trying.

On your iPhone, open Find My Appa and tap on the Devices tab near the lower right of the display. Locate the Apple Watch in the list of devices and tap it. Then, tap “Play” or the “Play Sound” button. This feature is intended to assist you in finding your Watch in the event that you are unable to locate it, a feature that Apple has added to other devices like MacBooks along with AirPods.

You may want to test this several times before you see any results. If it works, then move and proceed to step 2 in order to find a solution that is more durable.

Stopping Your Watch from Getting Wedged Again

However, even if one of the above two options has worked for you, there’s a possibility that your Watch could fall victim to an unresponsive logo that is static or a boot loop once more. In the end, it all is dependent on the reason that the reason for your Watch is stuck in that condition at all. It could be due to a software issue, which we could try to resolve by following the steps below. However, if it’s a hardware issue, then there’s not much that you can do.

The next step to take is completely erasing the data on your Watch in an “as new” state and pairing it up again. If you do this, all data stored on your Watch (like the music you’ve downloaded or photos that you have transferred) will be erased. It won’t affect health or workout data if your Watch has already sent this information to your iPhone already.

It is possible to check apps such as Health and Fitness to see whether your most recent exercise, activity ring status, and steps are up-to-date prior to doing this.

If you’re ready to erase your Watch, start your Watch Appa on your iPhone, then go towards General > Reset and choose the “Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings” option. It’s also possible to do it directly on your Watch itself by selecting General Settings > Reset. You’ll be prompted to input the Apple ID password to remove Find My from your Watch, and then it’ll be restored to an “as new” state.

You’ll be asked to restore your Watch using a backup whenever you switch off the power to connect it up again. It’s recommended to select the “Do not restore from backup “Do Not Restore from Backup” option to reduce the possibility of this problem recurring.

If Nothing Works

If your iPhone becomes stuck on getting stuck at the Apple logo, you could try using the DFU mode option to restore the program on it by using the Mac or PC. It’s possible because the iPhone comes with a Lightning port that allows you to transfer data and recharge the phone. Apple offers an unidentified diagnostic port under one of the connectors for straps that are found on Watch models. However, you’ll require a third-party device known as the bus to make use of it.

However, it might not work with newer models that go over Series 6. Series 6. It’s possible that getting it to work takes more effort than worth it as Apple does not support software restoration from the house for Apple Watch. If you are unable to make your device respond to the steps listed above, and you’re not able to, then you’ll have to contact Apple for assistance in repair options for it. Apple Watch, or try repairing it yourself.

Repairing or Replacing Your Apple Watch

When your Watch is still covered by warranty, by AppleCare plus, or under any other consumer law that stipulates that Apple has to make repairs or replacements, any defects will be addressed without charge. The only exception is harm to the Watch that is caused by your actions, like a scratch on the casing or a cracked screen.

The issue may be due to the battery failing and is no longer able to power the Watch correctly or by liquid damages caused by water intrusion. The problem will be assessed by Apple on the basis of case-by-case.

If you’ve tried everything and you’re not sure what to do, contact Apple for a fix. This can be done by scheduling an appointment through Apple Support through Apple or an approved service provider. Take note you’ll need to know that Apple Watch repairs often require several weeks for completion since they’re not serviced in stores as other devices. Apple will not charge you just for looking at the Watch, and they’ll inform you of any costs you will incur before proceeding in the process.

Repairs could be expensive in the case of the amount of work needed. In the event how you’re using the Apple Watch, you may decide to upgrade it to a new one instead of investing the money into battery or service replacements. The way you feel about your Watch can have an impact on the decision you make in the event that you received your Watch was given as a gift or engraved; however, be aware that every Apple Watch model will eventually cease receiving updates or service support from Apple.

What About a DIY Fix?

It’s true that the Apple Watch is a complex piece of kit, and repair work that you can do yourself should not be done lightly. Find your specific model on the iFixit Apple Watch hub to learn more about the steps needed to fix your Watch.

Certain fixes, such as changing the battery, could be much easier than others. Your main challenge could be finding out what’s missing from the Watch at all. It’s then time to locate any components you might require as well as salvage parts from old models on reseller websites such as eBay.

A New Apple Watch Every Year

Apple updates the Apple Watch every year with brand new features, designs as well as sensors to gather more data about your health overall. If you’d like to save money, then you can get the Apple Watch SE is an ideal “budget” option available in an aluminum color.

Whatever you decide to choose, be sure to learn all the most important Apple Watch tricks and tips to maximize the performance of your gadget.

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