8 Challenges To Make Red Dead Redemption 2 Harder


Fans of Red Dead Redemption 2 might want to check out these tasks if they want to make the game more difficult.

Rockstar Games didn’t leave anything out when they made Red Dead Redemption 2, which is why many people think it is their best game. Arthur Morgan’s trip, in which he slowly loses faith in Dutch’s leadership while trying to avoid the Pinkertons, is a great story that will have fans crying by the end.

Red Dead Redemption 2‘s combat is already pretty hard. But some players think they can make it even harder by setting themselves a lot of challenges. These challenges can add a new twist to the normal gameplay loop. Players may want to play this game again because of these tasks, which is never a bad thing.

No Dead Eye


Arthur Morgan’s Dead Eye is one of his most useful skills. Because he can use it to kill multiple enemies at once. It’s a lot of fun to watch skilled players hit a lot of headshots to make combat easier. But it does make some fights too easy after a while.

So, not using any Dead Eye during a playthrough is an easy task that players can try to meet. It’s a simple and easy task that players can start with. If the rest of the challenges they’ve set for themselves seem way harder than they should be.

A Barebones Camp

rdr2 campfire

In Red Dead Redemption 2, the camp is a nice place to rest after a long and hard trip through the game’s huge open world. It’s a safe place early in the game, before players start fighting with each other and betraying each other. After that, it’s no longer as safe as it was early on.

Players can spend money on a number of upgrades that will make the camp more modern and give them access to a lot of extra benefits. But in this challenge, players can’t put any money into their camp, which can make things harder as their safe place becomes less useful as Penalty Kick Online goes on.

No Aim-Assist Or Lock On

rdr2 enemy npc firing revolvers

Most third-person shooters have some kind of help with aiming, which makes sense. After all, it’s best to play these games with a controller, and aiming with the thumbstick can feel awkward if the game isn’t helping them in subtle or clear ways.

Players can’t count on this kind of mechanic because of this challenge. Instead, players have to aim by hand using either the mouse or the control stick. There can’t be any kind of “sticky aim” for this self-made task, so that feature has to be turned off.

No Purchases, Only Loot

Red Dead Redemption 2 Character with Animal Parts

In Red Dead Redemption 2, there are a lot of stores where players can buy great weapons, outfits, and other things that will help them on their trip. This task stops players from doing this and makes them steal items from their enemies instead.

Given how long the looting process can sometimes take, this can be a bit of a pain. As long as players are patient enough to deal with this same thing after every fight. They will have enough tools to finish the game without running out.

Keep Zero Cash

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Money is an important part of Red Dead Redemption 2, as it lets players buy new things and make improvements to the camp. So, Arthur needs to save up as much money as he can so he can buy whatever he wants without having to think twice about each purchase.

But in this task, players have to throw away any money they get before they can do anything else. So, players have to learn to live off the land and steal everything they see if they don’t want to run out of weapons or healing items, which can kill them in a tough game like Red Dead Redemption 2.

No Healing Or Dead Eye Replenishment


During firefights, players will lose health and the dead eye gauge faster than ever. Because they are constantly jumping out of cover to shoot their enemies and using their special ability to take out groups of foes. Because of this, it’s important for Arthur to have things on hand that can help him get out of a jam.

If players choose to do this task, they won’t be able to store these items. Because they can’t heal themselves or eat chewing tobacco. So, players have to be very careful and not get too excited during every battle.

Stay Wanted Forever

red dead 2 1 cent bounty

In Red Dead Redemption 2, getting a reward can be annoying. But players can still get by as long as they pay this amount off regularly. If the player has a very high reward, lawmen and bounty hunters may follow them everywhere they go, which is not good in the least.

Because of this task, players will never be able to pay off their bounty. This makes them much more careful in public and less likely to beat up random people, since they won’t be able to get away from the people who will start looking for them if this number gets too high!

1 Life Per Chapter


One of the hardest tasks in Red Dead Redemption 2 is to only have one life in each chapter. At the start of each chapter, players must make a save file that they can go back to if they die.

Let’s just say that this task can be a nightmare to finish. If players aren’t careful as they explore the open world at every step. Even one accidental death can be very bad and set players back quite a bit. Which is not at all ideal.


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