8 Best Games That Focus On Corporate Greed


Here are the best video games that are about business greed.

Greed has been around since the beginning of time. People have had problems with greed ever since they started farming, settled down, and changed the way society worked. You know, those strange ideas you might have heard about in a sociology or history class, like class, the growth and distribution of wealth, and the division of labor?

Okay, I think you get the idea. A more interesting way to look at it is that, like someone who plays Runescape or Idle Game, some people, or in a more modern context, corporations, just like to see numbers go up. If you want to know which companies in video games are the most greedy, you’re in the right place.

Deep Rock Galactic

Various golden statues of dwarves in Deep Rock Galactic

Even though a lot of the game is about fighting, mining, getting better gear, and leveling up, at the end of the day, you’re just a group of dwarves working for the Deep Rock Galactic mining company. A member of the company’s upper management gives you jobs and orders through your earpiece.

Even though it’s not clear what kind of goals or values this intergalactic mining business has, it seems a bit greedy to extract resources just for the sake of making money, even if it means the dwarves fail their mission or they have to kill armies of space bugs.

Stardew Valley

The entrance of a Joja Corp store is blocked by wooden fencing.

Even though Stardew Valley is a cute, fun, cozy, and relaxing farming simulator with extra mechanics and features like fighting and fishing, there’s a deep story to discover beneath that first impression. This is where Pierre’s general store’s biggest rival, Joja Corporation, comes in. Your character used to work there.

Just like in real life, bigger companies can give themselves an edge over smaller ones, which can kill competition. That means that Joja Corp has to be open longer and more days than Pierre’s store.

Oh, Joja also likes to charge for store memberships, as if charging for a store membership wasn’t greedy enough.

The Ascent

A well-kept, fancy living space from The Ascent.

In The Ascent, you are thrown into a bleak future as a slave worker on Veles, a world run by a huge company called The Ascent Group. But you end up fighting because Ascent Group falls apart all of a sudden, leaving a power vacuum.

Now, you have other companies, gangs, and other groups all trying to take control. It turns out that having one big company run everything can be a huge problem. Both while the company is in power and after it goes out of business.

Some people might say that this is the problem with having too much power in one place.

Citizen Sleeper

A well-clothed and stylish woman with yellow as the dominant color from Citizen Sleeper.

Citizen Sleeper is a role-playing game (RPG) with anti-business messages. This should make it clear that the game is against corporate greed. You play a fugitive in a sci-fi dystopia who is running away from huge, all-powerful companies.

The problem is that you pretty much need these companies to stay alive. Since you’re a robot, you’ll have to fix or replace parts of yourself at some point or another. The most greedy part? Planned obsolescence is when a company makes and sells things that are made to break after a certain amount of time.

Borderlands 3

Claptrap is pinned and threatened by a character with a long gun.

If you’ve ever played Borderlands 3, there are two things you’ll notice right away: despite the jokes, everything is pretty crazy and dystopian, to the point where almost everyone and everything is fighting to stay alive, and there are a lot of guns.

The thing is, each of those guns was made by a different company, like DAHL, Torgue, Jakobs, or someone else. From this information, it seems likely that these companies are taking advantage of strife on purpose to make quick money.

The Resident Evil Series

A photo of a group of scientists that worked for Umbrella Corporation.

You’d think that Umbrella Corporation would be happy with its many subsidiaries. Which have been making money in many different fields for decades, such as pharmaceuticals, transportation, industrial tools and their uses, consumer goods, tourism, and more.

But Umbrella had to go one step further by messing with biological weapons and selling them to the highest bidder for use by armies around the world. Even though Umbrella wasn’t greedy for money, they were greedy because they wanted to reach certain goals, like Geometry Dash Subzero.

The Outer Worlds

A variety of brightly colored and glowing drinks in gigantic bottles against a wall.

Imagine that it is the year 2355 and people have started to live on other worlds in space. Isn’t that pretty cool? Well, sort of. You can’t just think of this as the new, space-age version of the wild west. It’s not quite Red Dead Redemption 2 in space, though.

The trouble is that almost all of this colonization is being done by large corporations and robber barons who have made economic class the most important thing in society. If you don’t produce extra value for these organizations, like the workers at C&P Boarst Factory on the planet Monarch. You’re considered worthless.

Cyberpunk 2077

A screenshot of Night City showing tall buildings, bright lights, and advertisements.

In the bleak world of Night City, greed shows up in so many obvious ways that it’s hard to beat. In Cyberpunk 2077, companies continue to use resources and workers for profit. And they often do things that are against the law and control almost every part of life.

For Arasaka Corporation, though, it’s not enough to live in luxury and get rich. Arasaka wants to keep his power and influence, so he is probably looking for what you could call the ultimate form of greed: a way to upload your mind and stay alive forever.


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