7 Best Oatchi Upgrades In Pikmin 4


Here are the best Pikmin 4 Oatchi improvements!

If you haven’t heard of him before, Oatchi is the hound-like friend and trusted partner in Pikmin 4. Oatchi is much more than just a cute alien dog. He is a valuable part of your team who can fight well against enemies, carry Pikmin or other objects, swim, and do other things.

The best part is that this dog is smart enough to learn new tricks. As you move through the game, you’ll finally be able to learn new skills and improve those skills with Pup Drive points. But in what skills should you put your time and money? If you don’t know what Pup Drive points are or how to train Oatchi, take a look at this guide first.

Super Buff

An underground area with defeated red and white creatures.

The normal Buff ability bestows upon Oatchi the capacity to move or transport objects with the force equivalent to that of a predetermined number of Pikmin. At level 3, Buff gives Oatchi the strength of ten Pikmin, which is pretty good, but that’s just the beginning.

After reaching the maximum level in Buff, you unlock the ability to use Super Buff, and boy, does it carry a punch.

There is a cost of two Pup Drive points associated with achieving each level of Super Buff. At level one, Oatchi gains the strength of 20 Pikmin, and at level two, he gains the strength of 30 Pikmin.

If you want Oatchi to have the huge and Herculean power of 100 Pikmin, the best value for your money is to use Super Buff at level three. This will give Oatchi the most headroom conceivable.


Captain Olimar explains an ability to the player through a blue text box and example video.

Aside from being a useful game mechanic, letting Oatchi swallow an item in one place and spit it out in another might be Nintendo’s way of paying homage to or hinting at Kirby, their favorite pink, organic vacuum cleaner from another series.

Even though this ability can’t be improved, it’s still very useful and Olimar will teach it to you for free once you’ve saved him and gotten Super Buff to level 3. You can think of it as a nice reward for spending so many Pup Drive points on a single skill.

Big Chomp

Oatchi chomps on a large bulborb in a wooden, toy block level.

Chomp on its own will help you fight some easier enemies that live on the ground, but getting it to level three will let you grow into Big Chomp, which lets Oatchi bite enemies in the air and do much more damage. It will cost you a total of 13 Pup Drive points to max out Chomp and then Big Chomp.

If you wanted to save some Pup Drive points for other skills, you could stop at the first level of Big Chomp. Being able to attack enemies in the air is a big upgrade on its own. If you want to go all the way, though, Big Chomp at its highest level will help you beat enemies as quickly as possible.

Mega Rush

Oatchi has a fully charged rush ready, indicated by the bright yellow arrow.

Rush is good on its own for breaking pots and frozen items or ramming into enemies, but it can take a while to charge. If you don’t have any upgrades, you’ll have to wait three seconds before you can charge forward with all your might. Mega Rush is much faster, and Oatchi feels less like a dog and more like a powerful horse.

Each level of Mega Rush costs four Pup Drive points, so you might have to train for a while before you can max out this skill. The first level slows down how fast you can charge and stuns big monsters.

At level two, the damage done goes up. At level three, you get a longer stun, more damage, and the fastest possible charge speed.

Dig: Level Three

Oatchi and some ice Pikmin stand in a sandy area resembling a beach.

Even though the level one form of Dig is useful on its own because it lets Oatchi dig up things like Pikmin, treasures, or obstacles, you might want to spend some Pup Drive points if you’re in a hurry or tired of watching Oatchi act like a laid-back archaeologist.

Dig doesn’t have a mega version, so you only have to go to level 3 to max it out. Each upgrade only costs one Pup Drive point, and there isn’t a mega form of Dig. Both levels 2 and 3 make it faster to dig, but level 3 is the best choice. Because it lets Oatchi dig even faster than a Yellow Pikmin.

Doggy-Paddle: Level Three

Oatchi fearlessly swims in deep, dark blue water.

Even though it takes two Pup Drive points to level up Doggy-Paddle by one level. It can be a great idea to do so, especially since Oatchi can only swim slowly with the base ability. If you only care about how fast you can swim, you can stop at level 2.

If you want Oatchi to be a master of the seas like a submarine captain from Bloons Tower Defense 6. You should max out Doggy-Paddle to level three. This lets your furry friend dive underwater, attack enemies that are underwater, and even take things underwater.

Heal: Level Three

Oatchi stands near a burnt area and machinery of some kind, slowly regenerating health.

Heal is an easy-to-understand passive power that lets Oatchi heal over time. At the very least, it is worth your time to invest in the first level. Since it only costs three Pup Drive points per level.

Plus, once you have it, Oatchi will get free health for the rest of Snow Rider 3D.

If you go for level three, you’ll get the fastest passive healing possible. This can be very helpful in a fight, especially if a lot of your Pikmin get knocked out. No matter how much you decide to give, Oatchi will be grateful for your help.


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