6 Far Cry Heroes Who Deserve A Return In Future Games


It would be cool to see these heroes from past Far Cry games in some way.

After Far Cry 3 did well, the series got a reputation for having interesting bad guys. The bad guys are often a big part of how the games are sold. Most Far Cry games have the bad guy on the cover and make them the focus of the marketing. The series has become so used to having a charismatic bad guy that Far Cry 6’s DLC made them playable. In fact, the bad guys get so much attention that they often dwarf the hero of the story.Most people who played Far Cry 3 remember Vaas more than Jason Brody.

But even though the bad guys get all the press, there are still heroes with great stories to tell. Many of them have room to grow and great chances of coming back in another game.


Far Cry 4 Bhadra Cropped

At first glance, Far Cry 4‘s story seems to be about helping a resistance movement overthrow a strange dictator. However, there is also an important struggle between the two resistance leaders, with Bhadra caught in the middle. Bhadra was an innocent child who was used as a pawn by Sabal and Amita. This was not Bhadra’s fault.

In the game, it is not clear what will happen to her in the end. But she does have to grow up in a Far Cry setting. Bringing back an older Bhadra could lead to an interesting turn of events. It would mean looking at how her time in the game has changed her and how that has changed her as an adult.

Far Cry 2’s Buddies

Far Cry 2 Michelle Daschss

Far Cry 2 was a mess for many reasons, but its “buddy” system was one of the worst. It made sense on paper, but there were problems with how it was put into action. Like how friends who weren’t killed by the player would suddenly “go missing” with no reason. To add insult to injury, the player character could choose to be friends with everyone but the three women, for some reason. And the whole thing was ruined by a weak twist at the end where. For no reason, they all turn against the player.

It’s too bad, because some of the friends could have been interesting characters. But their pasts and reasons are unclear and not well described. Bringing them back would give us a chance to look at their lives again and make them better. Since the characters are supposed to mercenaries and it is possible to get through the useless double-cross without killing them. It would be easy to explain why they are there. In particular, it would great if Michelle Dachss, Flora Guillen, and Nasreen Davar were given the credit they deserve.

Jess Black


Hope County in Far Cry 5 was full of interesting people, but Jess Black, a foul-mouthed archer who was obsessed with killing Eden’s Gate members, an instant fan favorite for many. Jess, like many other characters in the series, has experienced a lot of stress and doesn’t know how to deal with it. This may be even more true for her than for other characters. Having to watch as her parents killed and then being forced to eat their amputated toes would be hard on anyone. When Far Cry New Dawn announced. Many people hoped that she would come back, but this was not the case.

It’s not hard to imagine Jess taking her dislike of peggies and putting it on another opponent. Especially now that Eden’s Gate isn’t as strong as it used to be. There are a few ways to bring her back. She could start going and helping a new player character in a new setting, or Ubisoft could try out a DLC after her more adventures in Hope County. If you want to be more critical, you could have her work with the main bad guy. Because she got so caught up in killing that she forgot what she fighting for.

Jason Brody

Jason Brody from Far Cry 3

In Far Cry 3, you played as Jason Brody, a young man from a comfortable home whose life turned upside down by Vaas. He goes from desperately trying to stay alive to accepting the madness of the Rook Islands as a “mighty warrior.” This journey takes a toll on him both physically and mentally. His strange journey kept a lot of players interested and helped Far Cry become one of Ubisoft’s big titles.

Even though Brody’s trip in the Rook Islands is over, there are still things to learn about him. Of course, this only works if the ending where Jason goes is the real one. Since the other ending has him killed. In the last scene, Brody talks to himself in a voice-over about how the island has changed him. Bringing him back would give us a chance to learn more about the pain he went through and how hard he tried to stay human. He wouldn’t have to be the main character anymore. Through his exchanges with a new player character, this kind of story could come out.

Dani Rojas

Female protagonist Dani Rojas on board a ship with a helicopter overhead

Dani Rojas is the first canonically female main character in the Far Cry series. She introduced in Far Cry 6, which also gave her a lot more depth than the characters who came before her. While Jason Brody and Ajay Ghale mostly blank slates with vague backstories and the Junior Deputy was a silent lead, Dani Rojas’s character and backstory were fully developed. Like in the other games, she went from being an ordinary person trying to get by in hard times to a battle-hardened warrior. In this case a guerrilla and committed freedom fighter.

But by the end, it seemed like that had changed. Dani thought her job in Libertad done after she got rid of Castillo. So, the next question is clear: where does she go? It doesn’t look like she wants to go back to a normal life. But the search for a new meaning could be a good idea for a game in the future. Dani’s life has given her a lot to think about. She would have to deal with the pain of living as a guerilla, survivor’s guilt. And the big question of whether she did anything at all. Even if she wasn’t the main character again, it would be interesting to see how she goes forward.


Takkar fighting a Mammoth in Far Cry Primal

The Far Cry series went in a strange direction with Far Cry Primal. It used the same general game structure as 3 and 4, but it set in the Stone Age. In the story, the main character was a caveman named Takkar. He was trying to bring the separated members of his tribe, the Wenja, back together. As often happens in Far Cry, he goes from being a simple hunter-gatherer to a ruthless fighter chieftain who fights back against the rival Udam and Izila tribes.

Takkar is a strange case because not only is there room for him to come back, but because of how he behaved in Skibidi Toilet, there is also room for him to come back as a bad guy. At first, it’s easy to like Takkar and the Wenja. But when they start their own campaign of genocide against the people who used to treat them badly. Their position as “good guys” called into question. Now that the Wenja are the most powerful tribe, a sequel could be about a member of the Izila or Udam, or about a new, smaller tribe that the Wenja destroyed. Basically, Takkar would play the same part as his enemies in Primal. And the player would have to bring together a tribe to fight the tribe they made in the last game.


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