18 Best Cranky Villagers In Animal Crossing


In Animal Crossing, there are a lot of grumpy locals. Here are some of the best things you should have in your village.

Over 400 people can move to your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Even though each animal looks and lives in a different way, they all have one of eight traits. Sisterly, Smug, Lazy, Peppy, Normal, Snooty, Jock, and Cranky are some of the New Horizons personality types.

Villagers who are cranky are usually male animals that get upset much more quickly than their neighbors. Even though they don’t know much about what’s going on in the world, they love to talk about other locals. As you get to know them better, they become more open to you. In the Animal Crossing games, there are more than 60 cranky villagers. Which ones should you call to your island?


Knox in his house in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Since his first appearance in Animal Crossing: City Folk, Knox has been in every game in the series. He always looks like a knight from the Middle Ages. His name, Knox, might be a reference to Fort Knox, an American army base where a lot of gold is kept and which is known for being safe.

Knox wears a red cavalier shirt with a golden knight’s helmet and golden feet in the movie New Horizons. His favorite saying is “A chicken’s coop is its castle,” and this is true of the inside of his house, which is grand and full of golden furniture, including, strangely, several golden caskets. Knox’s cranky attitude is perfect for a loyal knight, and he’s a great choice for a villager on an island with a historical or fantasy theme.


Hopper in his house in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Hopper has been in every Animal Crossing game and the movie. Where he can be seen trying to catch fish but not being able to. Hopper looks cranky from the outside because he has bright red eyes and striking yellow eyebrows, just like Rockhopper and Macaroni penguins.

His Pocket Camp profile says that he has red eyes and that he has tried eye drops, but they don’t help. Maybe he’s mad because he’s having trouble with his eyes. Even if it isn’t, though, it doesn’t help.


dobie speaking to a player in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Dobie was first seen as an islander in Animal Forest e+, where he had the Lazy personality type. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, he came back as a cranky farmer.Thanks for the amiibo update. The wrinkles on Dobie’s face and the fact that his favorite saying is “Old longings never really go away” make him look like an old, cranky wolf.

In New Horizons, Dobie’s house gives the impression that he is a detective, since he has a whiteboard with papers scattered around it, as if he is trying to solve a case, and a desk with a typewriter, where he can write up his results. Agent K.K. plays music from Dobie’s record, which adds to the idea that he’s trying to act like an old-fashioned detective, which goes well with his cranky personality.


Murphy speaking to a player in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Murphy was in the Animal Crossing games for the Nintendo GameCube, but then he went for a while. He finally came back as part of the Welcome amiibo update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. He was also in the data for Happy Home Designer, even though it was clear that he was never used.

This cute little bear cub villager’s heavy-set eyes make it look like he frowns a lot, which fits with his Cranky personality. But Murphy always smiles and is nice, which makes him a Cranky neighbor who isn’t what he seems.


Animal Crossing player meets Rolf the Tiger

Rolf is a grumpy villager who looks the part with his frowning face. Even though Rolf is not a Jock personality type, he is interested in exercise and works out often. “Grrrolf” seems to be a combination of his name and the word “grrr,” which is used to show anger or displeasure.

This albino tiger peasant has been in all the games so far, and it’s interesting to note that he’s not the only white tiger in the game. There is also a female tiger named Bianca, but she looks more like a snow leopard than a tiger. After all, Rolf is one of a kind.


Kabuki and the player with Lucky Cats in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Kabuki has been in every game in the series so far. He looks just like his name, which is a nod to the traditional way of Japanese theater, and is a very striking character. His home and his usual outfit, the Lavender Robe, also have a Japanese theme.

His catchphrase “meooo-OH” is a play on the word “meow,” which is the sound a cat makes, and the sound Japanese actors make when they strike the Mie pose during Kabuki shows. Kabuki looks different from any other cat dweller, with a unique theme that makes it hard to not add him to your island.


Octavian speaking to a player in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Octavian is one of only five octopus people in the whole village. He first showed up in Animal Forest, and until Animal Forest e+, he was the only octopus there.

He looks like the Pacific Red Octopus, which is scary because you could catch this kind of octopus in earlier Animal Crossing games. Octavian is one of the few Cranky locals who really looks cranky. He always has a frown on his face, which makes him stand out.


Wolfgang sitting on the ground in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Wolfgang has been in every Animal Crossing game up to this point. Even though he doesn’t like technology as much as other Cranky locals, Wolfgang is a cool and stylish character, as shown by his new default flight jacket outfit.

In the German version of the show, Kyle is called “Wolfgang” instead of “Wolfgang.” Wolfgang’s name could be a reference to the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or to the famous breakfast cook Wolfgang Puck, since his picture quote in Wild World was “I could eat you for breakfast, short stack!”


a close-up of Bruce in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Bruce is the only cranky deer in the Animal Crossing series. If you like deer and this personality type, Bruce is a great pick. He has teal hair, gold horns, and big eyes that hang down. He also calls his friends “gruff,” which is probably a reference to the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Bruce’s home has graffiti, a black phone box, and a basketball net as decorations. When paired with the fact that Bruce’s usual outfit is an After-School Jacket, this makes him seem like a teen delinquent.


Fang crafting in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Every Animal Crossing game except Wild World has had this dog in it. His hair is silver, and his eyes are big and yellow. Fang’s name may come from the book White Fang by Jack London, or it could be a reference to his sharp teeth. This is shown by the fact that his motto is “cha-chomp.”

Fang’s house is warm and has a stove and a grandfather clock. He wears a sweater to fit in with the cozy atmosphere. His Japanese name is “Siberia,” which probably comes from the fact that he is meant to be a Siberian Wolf or Gray Wolf.


Cyd sitting next to a player in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Cyd is a red elephant with purple details. He was first seen in New Horizons, and then he was added to the mobile game Pocket Camp, which was a spin-off. Cyd is a total punk. He wears a Dragon Jacket and says “rockin'” as his catchphrase. His room has skulls on the floor and on the walls.

The inside of his house also has a bright red drum set that Cyd could use to make music in his best style, since music is his hobby. In keeping with his punk style, he could be a reference to Sid Vicious, who was famous for being the bassist in the band Sex Pistols.


Roscoe on the beach in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Roscoe first appeared in the Japanese-only Animal Forest+ game, and he has been in many other games since then. He is a black horse whose catchphrase is “nay,” which is both a reference to how cranky he is and the sound his species makes.

Roscoe’s house is full of dark brown things, like a sofa, a bed, and an electric guitar. He likes to keep things cool and serious, and his look gives him an aloof, cool guy vibe. He’s also interested in music, which adds to his rock image.


Static carrying a donut in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Static is purple, and his name comes from the light green lightning bolt on his head. His first catchphrase is “krzzt,” and he likes to keep his home dark with electric guitars and a black workbench, following his theme of loving all things electric. He uses the skull floor, just like Cyd.

This electric squirrel has been in every book in the series so far. He likes music, which makes sense given how many guitars he has at home.


Chief speaking to a player in Animal Crossing New Horizons

This golden wolf has been in every Animal Crossing game so far, but because of his colors, many fans think he is a fox instead. He is known for being bored, which is mainly shown by his saying “harrumph.”

In the series, Chief has lived in a lot of different places, but his home in Basket Random is set up like a market, with a floor in the middle that has a bunch of things on it. But it’s not your typical market because it looks like it’s in a back alley and is covered in graffiti. He got that ring from where, anyway?


Apollo speaking to a player in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Apollo is a typical bald eagle, and he was born on Independence Day. This is because the bald eagle is the national bird of the United States. He has been in every Animal Crossing game and even the movie about Animal Crossing.

This grumpy farmer says “pah” and keeps his house in good shape. After a long day on the island, you can relax with the white wood flooring, stone floor, sitting area, and pool table. He also wears a cool wing jacket, which gives him the look of a pilot.


Butch speaking to a player in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Butch is a dog that looks like a Rottweiler because of its color. He is in every Animal Crossing game and says “ROOOOOWF,” which is a combination of the dog sounds “woof” and “ruff.”

Butch likes racecars a lot, which is why he has one inside his house. To keep with the theme, he decorates his room with a few building items and road flooring. He is on the front cover of K.K. Country, which makes sense since he likes music. Butch doesn’t look like a Cranky person at first glance, which makes him one of the cutest people of this type.


Tom speaking to a player in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Tom’s name could come from the word for male cats, “tomcat,” or it could be a reference to the well-known figure Tom from the cartoon Tom and Jerry, since Tom is blue and white. Except for Wild World, Tom has been in every Animal Crossing game.

He has blue hair and big yellow eyes, says “me-YOWZA,” and loves to just hang out. Tom likes racecars, just like Butch, and has made his house look like a shed. He has three cars inside, and the floor is covered with paint splatters. If Tom and Butch were both on your island, maybe one day they could race.


Camofrog speaking to a player in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Camofrog has been in Animal Crossing since the beginning. He first appeared in Animal Forest and has been there ever since. He loves nature and uses the term “ten-hut,” which comes from the fact that his camo design looks like an army uniform. In Japan, Camofrog is called “Full Metal,” which is kind of strange.

Camofrog’s home has camouflage floors and jungle-themed walls to match his own look. The theme seems to be about the outdoors, and a tree standee and other wood furniture add to that feeling. This Cranky little frog is also interested in music, so if you can see him, you’ll often hear him singing.


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