16 Best Radio Stations In Grand Theft Auto 5, Ranked


Turn on one of these stations while driving around Los Santos to give Grand Theft Auto 5 some great background music.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is still one of the most famous games even though it came out 10 years ago. Fans keep coming back because of its huge open world, freedom of choice, and crazy action. But another thing that people really like about the Grand Theft Auto games is the music on the background.

Since Grand Theft Auto 3, Rockstar has worked hard to get songs approved for a wide range of radio stations. Grand Theft Auto 5 kept this trend going by adding 16 new radio stations with more than 400 songs each. Rockstar has kept updating the game’s music by adding new songs and even whole new radio programs that players can listen to as they drive around the city of Los Santos. These are some of the best shows.

WorldWide FM: Chillwave And Jazz-Funk

WorldWide FM in Grand Theft Auto 5

WorldWide FM is a pretty cool radio station that players can listen to as they drive around Los Santos. This station appears in real life, which shows how serious GTA 5 is about getting its radio stations right. The songs on this station are also pretty good on their own.

WorldWide FM isn’t bad in and of itself, but you can’t deny that its tracks don’t really measure up to some of the more popular ones in the game. So, people who don’t mind listening to something lively, even if it’s a little bit generic, will be very happy with what this station has to offer.

Space 103.2: Funk

Space 103.2 in Grand Theft Auto 5

Space 103.2 is a great choice for players who want to get into the groove and enjoy some smooth tunes. Denise Clinton, Amanda De Santa, and Lester Crest all like this station a lot, which makes sense. The music is pretty relaxing, and it’s something that a lot of people can enjoy while traveling.

Listening to these old songs can be pretty relaxed, but sometimes the vibe of this radio station doesn’t fit with how Grand Theft Auto players usually play. Because of this, it’s hard to listen to this radio station for too long.

The Blue Ark: Reggae, Dub, And Dancehall

The Blue Ark in Grand Theft Auto 5

The laid-back beats in reggae music make it a great way to relax after a stressful time. Grand Theft Auto 5 situations can sometimes get out of hand, so it’s nice that players can always count on this station to calm things down.

Even so, there’s no denying that reggae can get pretty repetitive after a while. The beats mix together to make a sound that some players might find boring in a game like Grand Theft Auto 5. Because of this, players can only handle so much of this type and its extras before they switch to a different station.

Radio Mirror Park: Indie

GTA 5 - Raido Mirror Park

Some people don’t like the synthesizer or the kind of music it led to, but Radio Mirror Park has a lot to offer fans of synth pop. The synth pop station in GTA V has a long list of songs, some of which are by Twin Shadow, Miami Horror, The Chain Gang of 1974, KAUF, Cut Copy, and many more.

Most of these songs are pretty chill, which might not be the best fit for a life of crime and violence. However, the game is about a lot more than just shootouts and heists. So it’s nice to have something to listen to when things slow down.

Vinewood Boulevard Radio: Modern Rock

GTA 5 - Vinewood Boulevard Radio

How does punk rock fit into the vibe of GTA? It doesn’t make as much sense as rap, and given that San Andreas is full of hills and mountains. Even country might be a better fit. Vinewood Boulevard Radio makes it possible for players to live out their dreams of being an indie rock criminal.

The station could use more variety and a longer list of songs. But the acts and songs it has make it worth listening to. Wavves, Ceremony, Bleached, The Soft Pack, and The Men are some of the acts who are on the list.

East Los FM: Regional Mexican, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Rock And Ska

GTA 5 - East Los FM

The regional Mexican station in GTA V has a great and varied mix with songs by Mexican Institute of Sound, La Sonora Dinamita, Fandango, and Fiebre de Jack, among others. East Los FM seems to fit the city better than most other radio stations.

East Los FM is one of the best radio stations in GTA 5 to listen to while carjacking, racing, robbing gas stations, running chores, roleplaying, taking down a boss, or just driving around and taking in the scenery. The only real problem with this station is that the list of songs isn’t longer, which is a shame.

Rebel Radio: Country

Rebel Radio logo from Grand Theft Auto 5

Rebel Radio is one of the smaller radio stations in GTA 5, with only 17 songs. However, it is well worth listening to. Jesco White, a fake character, is the host of the country station Rebel Radio. He is one of the few radio hosts who can be seen in the game.

Rebel Radio does a great job of making you feel like you’re in the country with songs by Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and Waylon Jennings. Blaine County is outside of Los Santos and is full of small towns, deserts, and long roads. It would have been a big mistake not to have a country show here.

WCTR: Public Talk Radio

WCTR Radio logo from Grand Theft Auto 5

WCTR is one of two talk radio stations you can listen to in GTA 5. Players can listen to three different talk shows on WCTR, which is only available in the city of Los Santos.

The spiritual guru Ray De Angelo Harris is played by comedian JB Smoove, who leads Chakra Attack as him. Michele Makes and the famous GTA character Lazlow host Chattersphere, where they argue about pop culture and take phone calls. Fernado Martinez, who fans of previous GTA games will know, is the host of The Fernado Show. All of these shows have the same kind of funny banter and satire of American society that the Grand Theft Auto games are known for.

Channel X: Punk Rock

Channel X logo from Grand Theft Auto 5

Keith Morris is the host of Channel X. He is a veteran of punk rock and the lead singer of the bands Off!, Black Flag, and Circle Jerks. It’s the only station in the game that plays hardcore punk and headbanging hits. Most of the songs are by bands from Los Angeles in the 1970s and 1980s.

The GTA series has always had a punk rock style. Because it pushes the limits of what people think is appropriate material. The station also gives motorbike gangs in the game, like The Lost MC, something to listen to while they wreck San Andreas.

Non-Stop-Pop FM: R&B and Pop

Non Stop Pop Radio logo from Grand Theft Auto 5

Cara Delevingne, a famous actress and model, is the host of Non-Stop-Pop, a show that plays danceable modern pop. Delevingne plays an exaggerated version of herself who fits in well with Los Santos’s society.

With catchy songs by acts like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Britney Spears, the station sounds like something you might hear in downtown Hollywood. Without a music station, Los Santos just wouldn’t feel like home.

Los Santos Rock Radio: Classic Rock

Los Santos Rock Radio

Radio stations all over the country play mostly classic rock. It makes sense for Los Santos to have a rock radio station. And it’s even better that legendary rock musician Kenny Loggins is in charge of it. The station plays hit songs like “What a Fool Believes” by The Doobie Brothers and “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins.

There are also songs from acts like Elton John, Queen, and Pat Benatar that are played often. Los Santos Rock Radio is the place to be if you want to sing along with songs you know.

The Lowdown 91.1: Soul

The Lowdown 91.1 logo from Grand Theft Auto 5

For The Lowdown 91.1, the famous actor Pam Grier plays the radio host Mama G. The Lowdown plays a lot of classic soul music, which gives them a funky sound and feel that Backrooms Game needs. A few of the songs that are often played are “O-O-H Child” by The Five Stairsteps and “California Soul” by Marlena Shaw.

Rockstar also made a few references to Jackie Brown, Pam Grier’s most well-known movie, by playing songs from the movie’s music on this station.

West Coast Classics: Old School Hip Hop

West Coast Classics logo from Grand Theft Auto 5

West Coast Classics is a station that needs to be in Grand Theft Auto. Because a lot of the game’s story is based on west coast hip hop culture. Gangs like the ones Franklin and Lamar are often involved with are clearly based on ones that have been around in Los Angeles for decades.

DJ Pooh is a great choice to host the station. Because he has a long background in music and entertainment on the west coast. It’s classic GTA to drive down Grove Street while acts like Ice Cube and Tupac blast out of a lowrider.

FlyLo FM: Electronic and IDM

FlyLo Fm logo from Grand Theft Auto 5

Flying Lotus, who makes experimental music, got his own radio station in Grand Theft Auto 5. Flying Lotus runs the station himself, and names like Hannibal Burress sometimes show up out of the blue. FlyLo FM is unique. Because it has a number of songs that were written or released just for Grand Theft Auto 5.

This station gets so much praise because it plays new songs by famous artists like Flying Lotus and Tyler, The Creator. The radio stations in GTA are the best because musical artists like this show how much they love the series.

Blonded Los Santos 97.8 FM: R&B, Soul, Psychedelic Rock and Hip Hop

blonded Los Santos radio logo from Grand Theft Auto 5

Blonded Los Santos is a group project by Frank Ocean. It is based on the real-life radio show Blonded RADIO. Ocean and a few other people lead the show. Blonded has the widest range of music genres of any station in the game because Frank picked the songs himself. Hits by Travis Scott, Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, and Jay-Z, as well as songs that only Frank wrote, are played.

This station was one of the few that was added to the game after it had already been out for a while. It really gave the game new life by adding songs that were made after Grand Theft Auto 5 came out in 2013. This makes the game feel more up-to-date.

Radio Los Santos: Rap and Hip Hop

Radio Los Santos logo from Grand Theft Auto 5

Fans of Grand Theft Auto 5 have loved it for so long that Radio Los Santos is now seen as a real icon for the series. The best way to get a feel for GTA and its world of San Andreas is to listen to this station. Which is hosted by real-life radio star Big Boy. Kendrick Lamar, Danny Brown, Gucci Mane, and Freddie Gibbs are just some of the artists who show. Some acts, like A$AP Rocky, also made music that was only for the game.

This stop, which is called “City,” is the most popular one downtown. When GTA Online came out in 2013, and even now. It’s hard to find a player who isn’t blasting Radio Los Santos through the car speakers.


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