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10 Businesses You Can Start Quickly

quick start easy business ideas

Entrepreneurs can turn a great business idea into a thriving business in a fraction of the time. Consider your unique skills, interests, and resources when brainstorming new business ideas.

Be organized and understand the legal aspects of starting a business, remembering that marketing is the key to attracting customers.

This article is for budding entrepreneurs looking for advice and inspiration for their business ideas.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs desire the freedom and income potential of a successful independent business. Although starting a business takes time and effort, a great turnkey business idea can take off quickly, with a few caveats.

We highlight 13 easy-to-start business ideas to help you start generating extra income and share the legal and marketing details to ensure your new business has the best chance of success.

Quick Start Easy Business Ideas

These quick-start business ideas are designed to inspire budding entrepreneurs and lead them to businesses they excel at. Many of them also have low initial costs. When deciding on your new venture, consider your unique strengths, skills, interests, and resources.

1. Gardening Jobs

9-5 people don’t always want to spend their weekends gardening. If you have a more flexible job, you may be the right candidate for this easy job.

Landscaping companies cut lawns, but don’t necessarily do things like weed, plant, rake, and fertilize. In the winter, you can offer snow removal services.

2. Software Training

With the many custom software applications available, there are a variety of options for those with experience in a particular platform. Not everyone wants to pay top prices for technical guides for programs like QuickBooks and Final Cut Pro. If you are familiar with these or other programs and are patient and enjoy teaching others, you can market yourself to users of the programs who need support and training. Depending on interests and schedule, consider individual or group meetings.

3. Making homemade soap 

Selling handmade products is a very creative business idea. People love and care about the environment, nature, and their own bodies. If you love soap and are adventurous, why not start making soap?

If successful, you can sell your soap at farmers’ markets, local craft fairs, or even local stores. Alternatively, you may decide to start selling handmade items online through an online marketplace. Make sure you can track the success of your product.

4. Erindeservice

Do you like shopping and want to do more? Well, probably not, but you can get paid to run errands for other people. Join a platform like TaskRabbit or Handy and you’ll have the opportunity to earn money doing errands, errands, and pickup and delivery in your community. It’s a busy world and people will hire you to provide services they don’t have the time, talent, or equipment for.

5. Social Media Management

Businesses can’t always afford full-time employees to manage their small business’s social media efforts. If you are a fan of social media, you can offer freelance social media management services to these companies.

You can do the recording, editing, and scheduling of posts for a fee or a flat fee. Software like Hootsuite and Sendible makes social media management incredibly easy.

6. Freelance Services

In this freelance economy, where many businesses are looking for freelancers or contractors, it’s easy to imagine building a business around providing freelance services. Whatever your skill set—writing, editing, graphic design, or coding—there may be a freelance opportunity waiting for you.

Check listings on sites like Upwork and to start a project today. Freelancing is also a great way to start a photography business or other creative endeavor.

7. Selling on eBay

Although there are many great business ideas online, selling on eBay is the fastest way to start an online resale business. Whether you’re selling handmade items or items you no longer use, eBay is a great way to earn extra income.

Put your project on a fixed price or make a best-value offer. You can easily start an eBay business by consigning used clothing, vintage items, handmade items, and more. You can even browse flea markets and check out sales to add to your inventory.

While eBay is the leading platform in this space, you can also consider Facebook Marketplace and its competitors, such as Craigslist, Etsy, and Amazon Marketplace.

8. Pet Sitting

People are always looking for someone they can trust to walk, feed and play with their pets when they are away. If you love animals and know enough to care for them on short notice, consider starting a pet-sitting business.

Animal Care is a popular type of student entrepreneurship, but suitable for any responsible animal lover. Pet owners are willing to pay the highest price to ensure their pets are treated with love and respect. You don’t need much equipment, so starting a business is easy.

9. Cleaning 

There was a time when only the rich could afford to clean, but those days are long gone. People are getting busier and are always looking for ways to simplify their lives.

When people are busy, they often forget to clean. You will need basic cleaning products to start this job. These can vary based on each family’s needs, so be sure to ask. You also need to know basic cleaning techniques and generally keep things neat and organized. You must also be reliable and able to meet schedules.

10. Delivery service

Do you have a reliable car and enjoy driving it? Isn’t that the last part? The same goes for everyone else! People are willing to pay for the convenience of delivering goods. Of course, there are many options for delivery companies, but you always have the opportunity to compete. If you can offer cheaper, more efficient, or more personalized delivery, this type of business may be for you.

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